Museveni: I’ll Continue to Make Myself Available If Ugandans Want Me

President Yoweri Museveni has vowed to continue rendering his input in fixing the problems that have plagued Uganda and Africa for centuries.

One such challenge which according the president, was not fixed by Africa’s post-colonial leaders, is the failure to integrate the continent to give it security and economic leverage against the outside world.

Speaking Monday evening just hours after his nomination to contest for the 6th time for President, Museveni said he had decided to stick around to see through the total integration of the East African Region.

NRM members at the Manifesto launch at Munyonyo

“Some people have been saying Museveni has refused to retire,” the president said as his launched his campaign manifesto for the coming 2021-2021.

“It is not that I don’t want to retire or that I don’t have were to retire, but one of the reasons is this one.”

“I therefore agree that if the Ugandans still want us to participate, I will continue make myself available.”

Regarding the ongoing integration process, Museveni said he was happy that fellow leaders had agreed to start with the confederation, to be followed eventually by the Political Federation.

Singer Buchaman also graced the event

“May be in the future, this political federation could attract other countries like Congo, Malawi and Zambia because our languages and cultures are close,” he said.


“In this Kisanja, we should vigorously continue pursuing this goal to ensure its realization,”

On some of the East African nation which have been hesitant to join in the federation, Museveni said he would “propose the concept of variable geometry in that the states which are ready should go ahead and the others can come later.”

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