Museveni: I Won’t Seek Re-election After 75 Years

President Museveni has ruled out standing for re-election at the expiry of his term in 2021, story Chimp Corps report.

Museveni, sales who came to power in 1986 following a protracted armed struggle, remedy had until recently not exhibited any intentions to leave the highest political office in the land.

However, in an interview with NTV’s Patrick Kamara, Museveni for the first time discloses his desire to relinquish power.

Kamara is seen in the video asking Museveni: “What’s your view on the age limit? Should the age limit be there anyway?”

The president responds: “Well that one we had ignored. We had not discussed it. It can be discussed.”

Museveni adds: “But I think after 75, the vigor; I think there is some scientific idea there. That may be the vigor is not as much after 75 years.”

The ruling party’s opponents have since criticized Museveni for the limpness in government which continues to undermine public service delivery.


Museveni said good leaders need to be active.

“I know some leaders who have been leading even beyond after 75.  But I think if you want very active leaders it should be the ones below 75 years,” suggested Museveni.

The NRM party leader will clock 75 years in 2019.


Kamara went ahead to press Museveni to explain whether he would not seek to retain his hold on power in the next elections: “Are you saying you wouldn’t go beyond 75 years yourself sir?” asked Kamara.

“Not at all; certainly not,” answered Museveni.

The president’s comments are a huge departure from his earlier stance that he was not about to leave the stage.

Appearing on a radio talk show in 2014, Museveni said each time he seeks to retire, Ugandans re-elect him.

“Well, I don’t think Ugandans are as obsessed with my retirement because when I go to ask them at the elections, five million say don’t go, you stay,” he said.

“You have heard them, singing tajakugenda tajakugenda (he won’t go). So if Ugandans really were like Ssemujju (Ibrahim), I would be happy to retire because I am not lacking where to retire. I am a member of my party and I do what my party wants,” the President added.

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