Museveni Honours Col Kakuhikire; Blasts ‘Cowardly’ Extrajudicial Killers

“Extrajudicial murderers are cowards” – President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has described those who believe in extrajudicial murders and killing of innocent people as poor investors and losers whose actions are driven by cowardice. He predicted that a heavy penalty awaits them from the Creator.

The President was speaking during a memorial service for the late Lt. Col. Serapio Kakuhikire, a Ugandan Army Officer who was kidnapped and murdered in 1973 by the Idi Amin regime in 1973.

Trained as a Cadet Officer at the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy in the United Kingdomin 1961, he joined the King’s African Rifles in 1960 and served in different positions in the Uganda Army until he was kidnapped at the Post Office Building on Kampala Road in 1973 and since then, his whereabouts are not known to-date.

Museveni in a group photo with Kakuhikire’s family members

During the function yesterday at the Kakuhikireshome in Kyamugorani, Kakiika Division in Mbarara Municipality, President Museveni said that it serves no purpose to kill anybody even if he or she holds a dissenting view because life is God-given that should be left to Him to judge.

He observed that those who kill others risk being harshly judged by God.

“Amin killed all these people but where is he? He died and even died in a bad situation. What did he benefit? The children and families of those he killed are still alive and prospering. Those who believe in killing forget that there is a Creator who will one time ask them to account for their actions,” he added.

The President attributed much of the catastrophic events in Uganda’s political history to the colonialists who imported the imperialistic wars of religions, fuelled tribalism thereby dividing Ugandans according to their tribes and religions that led to wars and bloodshed.

“So many lives were lost because they were caught up in the wheels of bad politics imported by the colonialists. That is what the National Resistance Movement has been fighting and trying to solve all these years. That is why we emphasise Nationalism and Pan-Africanism in the Movement ideology,” he said.

He also faulted the colonialists for failing to train and put in place a formidable national Army but preferred training non-educated Ugandans into the Army whom they used as their tools of operation andwho later terrorised Ugandans when colonialists left.

He cited Amin as one of them.

“The colonialists did not train or think about who would lead the Army in independent Uganda. All they cared about was who could serve their interestsat that time,” he said.

Mr. Museveni, therefore, emphasized that the young generation needed to learn and borrow experience from those who saw the tragic past and ensure that such lawlessness never happens again.

He described the late Lt. Col. Kakuhikire as a polished Officer who could have done a lot for Uganda if his life was not terminated at the tender age of 35.

He also observed that Lt. Col. Kakuhikire was a hardworking and focused person who had a family (5 children), a farm and many other development projects.

The President used the occasion to thank Mrs. Charity Kakuhikire, the widow, for being a good mother and for educating and taking care of her children and family alone.

He also commended herfor being a resourceful Movement mobiliser to-date.

Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere, a close friend to the late Lt. Col. Kakuhikire described him as a perfect gentleman and honest Officer who was also religious.

He revealed that the late Lt. Col. Kakuhikire died three days after visiting him at his home in Makerere and although he and his wife (Mrs. Kakuhikire) triedto recover his body their efforts yielded nothing.

Mrs. Charity Kakuhikire, the widow of Lt. Col. Kakuhikire, said the death of her husband that came as a surprise, made the family go through a lot of challenges but thanked God that they persevered and managed to sail through the challenges.

She thanked the family members for the support they rendered her to bring up her children, educate them and keep her husband’s legacy.

She described the death of her husband as one painful moment that happened to her when she was very young and unprepared for such a shock.

She thanked President Museveni for supporting her family and for honouring her husband when he is long gone. 

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