Museveni Hints on “Taking Back His Kampala”

President Yoweri Museveni has up his sleeve a plan of winning back the support that he used to have in the capital Kampala, cialis 40mg http://cheaplikesfollowers.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-comments-list-table.php and is already working on it.

Referring to Kampala as his ‘old time garden,’ the President today laughed at those people who have been claiming dominion over the country’s capital, telling them to “simply wait and see.”

Museveni, while speaking at this year’s Independence Day celebrations in Luuka District hinted that part of this plan has been his recent visits to and support of the various business associations and Saccos in and around Kampala.

The President, flanked by his newly appointed Minister for Kampala Hon Beti Olive Kamya has in the past weeks been visiting work stations of different groups including market vendors, small scale producers, even car washers in Kampala, handing out mostly Shs. 100million to support their already existing associations.

“You have been hearing people mocking me; saying that Museveni is now roaming around Kampala with sacks of money, dishing them out to youths. That is not the case,” said the President at the Independence celebrations.

“What I am doing is that I see people who have started on their work, by themselves and in their capacity, and have done something; and then I come in and support them.”

He then added, “Those people who have been stirring Kampala, didn’t know that they have been playing in my garden.”

“I started my political work here in Kampala back in 1968. I joined our people here, the indigents of that time, who had already worked with senior people such as Hajji Kirunda Kivenjinja. These people have been ours from a long time ago, even during the Idi Amin time.”


Museveni’s remarks echoed a strong sense of security that he has deeper roots in the older generation of people in the capital Kampala, who will support him at all costs.

He further emphasized that even when he took power in 1986, he never completely forgot this group of people.

He said, “The good thing is that I educated most of their children when I came; therefore this Kampala that these people are playing in; they will see what we’ll do to them in the future.”

Museveni, who has been elected 5 times to State House since 1996, has almost always been the second choice in the capital Kampala.

In the recently concluded February elections, his party the National Resistance Movement didn’t get a single representation in Parliament from the capital.

On multiple occasions he has accused the opposition, especially his greatest political opponent Col Dr Kizza Besigye of stealing his votes in Kampala.

It remains unclear now as to whether Museveni looks forward to getting himself a victory in Kampala, which brings back the debate of whether or not he will be running again in the 2021 elections, against the current constitutional provision.

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