Museveni Fires Hospital Staff, District Leaders at Local Engagement Meeting

President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday excited the residents of Nakawuka in Wakiso when he ordered immediate transfer of local leaders and health workers who were accused of indolence.

Museveni visited the area to check on the condition of the health and education services.

Before his speech, generic Museveni invited local people who one by one aired their concerns about their challenges.

The locals complained about doctors at the Mpumudde Health Center III that treat patients with cruelty while absconding their duties.

Many of the medics were accused of coming late for work and taking breaks as early as mid day during the weekends.

Similar complaints were raised about the government schools in the area by the residents, diagnosis who took turns to shake hands with the president after venting their anger.

Locals airing their concerns
Locals airing their concerns

Museveni in his response blamed the complacency in the medical workers on lack of supervision by the local leaders.

He noted that government has heads of civil service at every level who include Permanent Secretaries, Chief Administrative Officers, Sub county and parish chiefs as well as the town clerks.


These he said should be blamed for not doing their work.

The President, who had travelled with a number of ministers, directed the Minister of Public Service Hon Muruuli Mukasa to immediately transfer all these leaders in the area from the lower parish chief to the CAO.

“You decide on how to manage them but get them away from here,” ordered the president as the locals cheered ecstatically.

Thereafter the President summoned the staff members of Mpumudde Health Center III to come to the fore, before ordering their transfer as well.

Museveni ordered the District Health officer to get rid of the staff of Mpumudde Health Center III
Museveni ordered the District Health officer to get rid of the staff of Mpumudde Health Center III

He however asked the District Health officer, a one Dr Ogon to pardon only the new staff members that had just been brought to the health facility.

The development comes only days after the president suggested downsizing of the country’s public service sector saying that most of the people there are getting free salaries.


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