Museveni Finally Rewards Magezi, Anywar in New Cabinet Reshuffle

In what appears a purely political cabinet aimed at rallying support for his relection in 2021, President Museveni has rewarded NRM loyalists with ministerial positions.

Igara West MP Rafael Magezi, who proposed in Parliament a constitutional amendment to scrap the presidential age limit clause hence paving way for Museveni to stand in 2021, is now the Minister for Local Government.

He takes over from Hon Tom Butime who will move to head the Tourism docket.

Magezi’s proposal attracted stiff resistance from the opposition, sparking fist fights in Parliament as protesters took to the streets.

The military was called in to restore stability.

Former FDC ironlady Beatrice Anywar has been appointed State Minister for Environment.

MP Raphael Magezi tabled the constitutional amendment Bill in 2017

Anywar led protests on Kampala streets to resist plans to cut down sections of Mabira forest for sugarcane growing thus earning the nickname ‘Mama Mabira.’

A former harsh critic of NRM, Anywar started towing the NRM line when President Museveni footed her medical bill after sustaining serious injuries in a nasty road accident.

She has in recent years appeared at public functions with President Museveni, praising his policies.

Notably, MP Simeo Nsubuga, who vigorously campaigned for the removal of the age limit from the Constitution was not considered in the new cabinet.

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