Museveni Extends Lockdown for 3 More Weeks

President Yoweri Museveni, as Chimpreports revealed yesterday, has ordered extension of all the Covid 19 lockdown measures for another 3 weeks.

Over the past weeks, Museveni has issued over 3 dozen measures that include a nightly curfew, a ban on vehicular movement with a few exemptions, closure of all non food business, schools, places of worship among others.

These measures Museveni said will remain in place for 21 more days, up to May 5th.

The extension according to the president will “definitely help us to decisively defeat this virus, or if not, to help us better prepare to cope with the virus.”

There was hope today that the president would loosen up on some of the restrictions as more and more Ugandans continue to strain financially, unable to work.

President Museveni said the old measures had to a large extent worked, but that their success needed to be consolidated.

As of yesterday, Uganda has registered only 54 cases of Covid19, out of 5664 people that have been tested.

Of these 4015 were returnees from abroad, 1232 were those that interacted with the returnees, and 402 were those who volunteered to be tested after feeling symptoms.


Besides the 5664, a total of 372 interstate cargo drivers who entered via Malaba have been tested and  they have all tested negative.

Commenting on those growing inpatient with the restrictions, Museveni called for calm and urged them to hang on a little longer.

The  3 week extension, Museveni said, was because the 54 confirmed cases were captured through different ways and that it’s likely there are more positive cases in the population.

“Let us not be like a woman who delivered at the 8th month. Let is wait up to the 9th month,” he said.

“Let’s not be inpatient , let’s wait for another 21 days.”


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