Museveni Explains Lockdown as Uganda Coronavirus Infections Soar to 44

Uganda’s Coronavirus cases have increased to 44 after 11 infections were confirmed on Tuesday.

President Museveni this Tuesday said all cases are children of Watoto Church Choir who have been under quarantine.

The choir usually travels to different parts of the world to sing.

In a national address, Museveni said all 82 samples tested yesterday turned out negative. He, however, said 176 cases were “tested today and 11 were positive- all children of Watoto Choir.”

Museveni also made several clarifications on the lockdown guidelines issued on Monday night.

He said the public should walk to access their nearest supermarkets or shops for home essentials.

Museveni encouraged home deliveries through boda bodas and other delivery vehicles or bicycles.

He said vehicle mobility with persons is the greatest danger as it aids spread of the virus.

Museveni also said the curfew started this Tuesday evening not yesterday.

Regarding marked diplomatic vehicles, Museveni said they can move from the residences of diplomats to supermarkets or medical facilities by liaising with authorities.


Museveni said government continues to make arrangements for local production of protective gear to protect the lives of Frontline officers in the fight against Coronavirus.

He also pointed out that alcohol producers in Uganda are now making sanitizers.

Regarding relief food, Museveni said most farmers and town-based persons can feed themselves.

This relief food will target the hand-to-mouth survival category for a period of one month. This will be done by the national task force.

Severe measures will be taken against opportunistic persons who will facilitate spread of the disease by congregating people.

“Idiot,” charged Museveni. “We are going to crush you.”

He said contributions should be channeled through the TaskForce set up to fight the virus.

Museveni also ordered police to release vehicles impounded on Monday night, saying his order was aimed at avoiding possible transfer of infection from one district to another place.

The president ruled out mass testing for the virus, saying it is meaningless and also very expensive as each test goes for USD65.


He also encouraged ‘scientific weddings’ of not more than ten people and that stickers will be handed to owners of cars allowed on the roads.

He said RDCs, who are always busy, should designate officers to handle public‘s concerns during this critical time.

Bank managers will get stickers from the Ministry of Works and Transport to enable them travel to work.

He rooted for cashless transactions such as mobile money.

Museveni ordered that public service officials who refuse to hand over their vehicles should be arrested and sent to Luzira Prison.

The president said media are part of the essential services just like water and electricity and should continue operating within the guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.

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