Museveni Enumerates Achievements in Luwero, Promises More

President Yoweri Museveni, who is also the NRM presidential candidate, on Monday assured people of Greater Luwero that his government has put in place deliberate efforts to foster development in the area.

Speaking during the launch of his nationwide campaign at Kawumu demonstration farm in Nakaseke district, Museveni said the NRM government will increase the Land Fund and use it to buy off Mailo Land owners who are willing to sell land to government and allocate the land to the Bibanja owners.

The indigenous people with land without capacity to undertake small commercial farming, he said, are going to be supported with logistics to introduce them to the money economy.

“Through NAADS and UCDA, OWC will continue giving inputs to the farmers in the rural areas. Under phase II, target will be the homesteads which are not in money economy but have land. We will also improve agricultural   mechanization through the Parish Model,” said Museveni.

The three districts in the Greater Luwero Local Governments received a total of Shs 112.9bn in this 2020/2021 Financial Year. Luwero got Shs 56.4b, Nakaseke Shs 29.6b and Nakasongola Shs 26.7b. The Youth Livelihood Programme releases were Shs 1.486b for 2,375 beneficiaries in Luwero, 1.212b for 2,143 beneficiaries Nakasongola and Nakaseke got Shs 739.4 million for 921 beneficiaries.

Museveni told NRM leaders and supporters in the area that Luwero district now has 391 primary schools, Nakasongola 232 primary schools and Nakaseke 157. Primary school enrollment has greatly improved with Luwero accounting for 127,805 pupils, Nakasongola 43,836 and Nakaseke 52,806.

Primary Schools completed in the area under the Uganda Teacher and School Effectiveness Project (UTSEP) are Kinoni P.S, Kizongoto SDA P.S, Magoma Orthodox P.S., NakasekeTelecentre Public School and Nakulamudde P/S.

Meanwhile the number of secondary schools in Luwero are now 56, 23 in Nakasongola and Nakaseke has 26. Secondary school enrollment in Luwero is now at 27,852, Nakasongola 7,278 and Nakaseke 27,596.


Greater Luwero also boasts of skills training institutes including Bowa Community Polytechnic in Luwero, Bamunanika Technical Institute in Luwero, Bukalasa Technical College in Luwero is being upgraded to a Centre of Excellence. Works are at 75%, Nakaseke Technical Institute in Nakaseke and Sasura Technical Institute in Nakasongola.

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