Museveni: EALA Isn’t An Employment Bureau For The Jobless

President Museveni has Tuesday cautioned NRM members against looking at representation at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) as just an employment opportunity.

Addressing NRM caucus member at State House Entebbe, visit web Museveni told urged MPs to vote wisely by considering candidates that are ready and able to advocate for the integration of East Africa.

“These elections are not just elections; these are not employment bureaus; you are not here to give jobs to jobless people, order you are here to select people to support the integration of East Africa,” he said.


The President noted that the purpose of the elections is not to elect people; which is just an implementation exercise but the bigger effort is to know what is involved in the integration.

“One is to cater for prosperity of our people, your parents, yourselves; all of us need to have prosperity for our families, companies, farms,” Museveni said.

“In order to ensure prosperity you need a market to buy what you produce; that’s why in NRM we tell you not to listen to anyone who tells you about tribes, religion, distinguishing between men and women politically, they are all equal actors.”

He added, “When you go to (EALA), you are going to push for these programs; please remove those non-tariff barriers, delays at the borders, road blocks because those are delaying the process of integration.”


“The second point is security; in East Africa we are aiming at creating a political federation, that’s why we disagreed we Gadaffi because he wanted us to form a government for the whole of Africa. ”

Museveni said that Gadaffi’s approach of bringing all Africans together most of whom differ in language would cause more problems.

He noted that the political integration could in turn guarantee security of the people of East Africa against any external powers.

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