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Museveni Directs Kayihura to Probe Kagingo

Police have arrested Amos Sserulekemu, approved 65, recipe a resident of Wobutungulu in Luwero District, information pills after he was reported to have been defiling  his 13 year old daughter.

Apparently, Sserulekemu who has been staying with the girl had made it a habit to come home late while drunk and then use the innocent girl until yesterday October 27th that the victim reported the matter to area leaders who then notified police.

Sserulekemu does not deny the act but says that he always did it when he was drunk.

Lamech Kigozi the police’s region spokesperson says that they have detained Sserulekemu as investigations continue; meanwhile the girl has been taken to Luwero hospital for further medical attention.

Kigozi adds that the culprit will be charged based on what the books of law say.
Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, pharmacy who was recently pressured by the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) to take “leave” as the Secretary General, sale will be represented by Minister for Mobilisation, link Richard Todwong when the ruling party holds its delegates’ conference on December 15.

Chimpreports broke news on October 19 that Mbabazi had been quietly toppled by CEC and forced to vacate his office as SG.

While it is the National Delegates Conference that is mandated to remove the SG, Mbabazi agreed to relinquish the position after realising that he was headed for the humiliation of being impeached.

Hundreds of signatures had already been mobilised to overthrow Mbabazi at the upcoming Delegates’ Conference.


Sources said Mbabazi was accused of insubordination, betraying the party’s cause by engaging in clandestine campaigns to undermine the party chairman; failure to recruit new members for the party and hiding the NRM members’ register.

According to a statement from NRM dated October 25 and signed by President Museveni, “a meeting of the National Conference of the NRM party will be held on Monday, December 15 at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole in Kampala commencing a 10:00am to consider the day’s agenda.”

During the convention, members will first hear from the national chairman who is President Museveni.

It is at this time that Museveni is expected to extensively explain to delegates why he chose to relieve Mbabazi of his duties as Premier and the circumstances that compelled CEC to push him out of office.

The second item on the agenda is presentation of the report by the acting Secretary General, Richard Todwong to stimulate the discussion of the day.

Thereafter, members are expected to debate and adopt the proposed amendments to the NRM Constitution.

These include a provision where the party chairman can “appoint and disappoint” the Secretary General.

Observers say while the move is good to avoid incidences where ambitious Secretary Generals threaten the party chairman’s hold on power, it could see more authority vested into President Museveni’s hands.

The latest development implies Mbabazi, who denies plans to contest against Museveni in 2016, will only attend the conference as Kanungu MP.
President Museveni has directed the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura to investigate allegations that one of his staff Sarah Kagingo, order former Special Presidential Assistant for Communications, information pills had ordered the arrest of a person she accused of hacking into the President’s social media accounts and the State House website.

State House said in a statement on Tuesday night that the President talked to General Kayihura directly on phone from Rome, ampoule directing him to investigate the matter and give him a report.

Those who should also be investigated are the police officers who carried out the arrest and Kagingo herself, reads part of the statement.

“I personally suspended Kagingo for misconduct and she does not have any role in handling the state house website or my social media platforms. This is a responsibility that falls under my ICT department,” he said.

The President explained that nobody in state house or in government has powers to order the arrest of anybody. This he said is the duty of security agencies.

“It was wrong, for the police officers to work on directives of Kagingo. This must be investigated thoroughly to find out why they did it,” he said.

The President who monitors his social media platforms keenly, learnt from social media reports yesterday about the issue and ordered the immediate release of Joseph Owino the suspect as investigations concerning the case are embarked on.

Chimpreports today published an exclusive story on the behind-the-scenes developments that saw Owino detained at Kireka Police for reportedly hacking into Museveni’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Sources said Kagingo could be summoned this week to CIID to record a statement.

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