Museveni Defends his ‘Jerrican and Bottle’ Irrigation

President Museveni has laughed at critics of his ‘jerrican and bottle’ irrigation methods exhibited early this week.

Pictures of Museveni fetching water using a jerrican which he carried on a bicycle attracted mixed reactions from the public.

The educated class said Museveni should have instead promoted modern irrigation methods as the country moves to realise a middle-income status.

But conservatives say the president’s ideas are applicable to poor farmers who cannot afford expensive irrigation schemes.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday evening, information pills Museveni said those who criticized him are only ranting in Kampala but are ignorant of what takes place deep in the villages where farmers suffer with water for irrigation.

“Those people don’t know how to move steadily – that you first start simple .The idea behind this was irrigation as opposed to rain agriculture which may not be reliable, viagra dosage ” said Museveni.

“The relevance of my gesture was to see that the people learn to do irrigation manually as they wait for mechanical irrigation.”

He said ‘those people in Kampala’ are speaking out of ignorance, adding, that at his farms, he uses all methods of irrigation and have been successful.


“If those people in Kampala don’t know about pumps, they should come and I teach them. If they don’t know I am expert in that. I am sorry for them.”

Explains Luweero Tour

Museveni defended his tour of Luwero which he said was meant to act as a follow up of the Operation Wealth Creation program he had initiated in 2013 and handed over to soldiers to spearhead after the failure of Entandikwa and NAADS.

He said the Entandikwa program which commenced in 1996 targeted 68 percent of the homesteads outside the money economy.

“The problem is that most of you including journalists don’t want to talk about such programs but only want Besigye putting up his legs and girls exposing their buttocks,” said Museveni.

“I am here to see homesteads year by year join commercial farming. We shall continue to sensitize and gradually the numbers will increase. I am happy the officers have done something on the ground.”

He however said, he could not go to every area in the country but rather Luweero where he started his bush war to work as a sample to be followed by people in other areas.

Museveni urged his ministers to emulate him, be humble and go back to the people.

“Like Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show he was a servant, they (ministers) should do the same,” he urged.

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