Museveni Decries Young Generation’s Corrupt Morals

In his speech to the nation during the 27th NRM Anniversary celebrations in Kasese on January 3, sickness 2013, Museveni recounted how NRA captured Kampala:

The final attack on Kampala started on the 24th of January, 1986, when our Forces crossed the Busega swamp and spent the night at Rubaga.

The following day the 25th of January, our Forces fought the whole day and only entered the sprawling Lubiri barracks at night fall.

The following day, the 26th of January, our Forces started assaulting Kampala Central through Bakuli, Kampala Road up to Radio Uganda.

This was the 1st Battalion, led by the late Fred Mugisha. Meanwhile, the 11th Battalion, under the late Chefe Ali, was assaulting Nakulabye, Makerere, Wandegeya and Summit View.

The 7th Battalion, under Matayo Kyaligonza and the late Stanley Muhangi, was assaulting Makindye barracks while the 5th Battalion, under Ahmed Kashillingi and the late China was blocking Entebbe Road, at Kisubi.

I held the 3rd Battalion under the late Patrick Lumumba in reserve, at Bulange (Republic House).

The 13th Battalion, under Ivan Koreta, was blocking Gulu Road at Matugga. The Task Force, under the late Jet Mwebaze, operated in the area of Bwaise and was supposed to cross and block Mukono Road but they did not achieve this.


Meanwhile, the 19th Battalion, under the late Peter Kerim, the 15th Battalion, under Samson Mande and the 9th Battalion, under Julius Chihanda were on the Hoima-Masindi axis.

I held the 21st Battalion, under the late Benon Tumukunde, at Kasese because I was afraid of the possible Mobutu’s intervention from that side.

Salim Saleh coordinated the attack on Kampala while Tinyefuza coordinated the attack on the Hoima axis.

Radio Uganda and the Summit View were captured by about 1500 hours on the afternoon of the 26th but Makindye held on up to about 1900 hours.

Meanwhile, at around 1400 hours, a worrying situation developed on Entebbe Road, when a large Force from Entebbe broke through the 5th Battalion at Kisubi and was approaching Kampala from the rear.

I had to dispatch the 3rd Battalion, under Salim Saleh and the late Lumumba to block this force at Najjanankumbi. I, therefore, remained without a Reserve.

By 1900 hours, however, good news from all around came in ? Makindye barracks had been captured and the 900 force at Zzana from Entebbe had also surrendered. The following day, the 27th of January, 1986, I made a broadcast on Radio Uganda, announcing the victory.

When I call these forces Battalions, our young commanders today should not think that they were the same size of our present Battalions of 760 officers and men.

None of these Battalions was less than 1,500 officers and men. In fact 19th Battalion was 1,900 officers and men.

We had arranged this in order to economize on the Command. The few good Commanders we had would each command many companies (A, B, C, D, E, F, K, etc). Therefore, the Liberation Battalions would accomplish bigger tasks than the standard Battalions.
President Museveni has urged the Church to be at the forefront of the struggle against all forms of oppression and marginalization of the weak and vulnerable groups, doctor as well as all other forms of corruption in the country.

“The role of the church in reformation, online rebuilding of societal morals and ethics is more critical today than ever before. Our society continues to be infiltrated by errant and abominable behaviour that is corrupting especially the young generation, ” said Museveni.

The President’s message was contained in a speech read for him by Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda who represented him at the fundraising for the completion of the South Western regional office block for the Seventh day Adventist (SDA) Church in Kamukuzi division, Mbarara Municipality on Sunday.

Mr. Museveni said the Church must take advantage of the community setting to teach development because people who work together share experiences and learn better, adding that the community should be taught about their health, education, wealth creation and improving household incomes.

“I urge the Church to actively engage in aggressive campaigns for preventive health care. Our people should be taught the importance of basic hygiene, proper sanitation, good feeding, immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention and antenatal services for expecting mothers,” said President Museveni.

He also hailed the good relationship between the Seventh day Adventist Church and other faiths with the State, adding that the church had done good work in the fields of education and health.

President Museveni contributed 50 million shillings towards the completion of the office block now at finishing level, while Dr Rugunda bought a heifer at 4 million shillings and donated it to the church work. Over 60 million shillings was raised in cash and pledges.

The Archbishop of the Seventh day Adventist Church, Pastor Daniel Matte in his message read by the Bishop Rwenzori diocese, Pastor Ezekiel Matwanga expressed gratitude to Government and President Museveni for championing freedom of worship.

“We thank Government for the peace we are enjoying in the country. These are major incentives of growth we can never take for granted,” said the Archbishop.

The South Western Uganda diocesan Bishop, Pastor Bampata Kakuru Benard said the office block will house the Radio station, library, community services center, offices and the missionary coordinating centre.

He said the Seventh day Adventist Church had 34 primary schools, 4 secondary schools, 2 health facilities and 2 health training schools.

Bampata said the Seventh day Adventist Church is partnering with Government in the campaign against corruption in the country, adding that the Church will also continue championing the fight against homosexuality in Uganda.

The fundraising function was also attended by the Member of Parliament for Mbarara Municipality, Dr Medard Bitekyerezo, Woman Member of Parliament for Mbarara District, Emma Boona and other Distinct officials.

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