Museveni: Crime Preventors Will Make Communities More Secure

The Plenary Sitting of the Chamber of Deputies in Rwanda has adopted the relevance of the draft review of the Constitution, approved removing a caveat on the number of times a President can be elected into office.

Article 101 of the Rwandan Constitution stipulates that, approved “The President of the Republic is elected for a term of seven years renewable only once. Shall under no circumstances a person hold the office of President of Republic for more than two terms.”

However, following petitions to Parliament and a Constitution review process, legislators have agreed to change the wording of Article 101 to read: “The President of the Republic shall be elected for a term of 7years. He/She may be re-elected for more terms.”

This means a sitting President can stand as many times as one wishes.

On the length of presidential terms, the Parliamentary Committee Chairpersons and the Constitutional Review Commission experts said most people’s views are in favour of the 7-year term for a president while a few supported 5 or 4 years.

A debate has been raging on whether President Kagame intends to stand for President after the expiry of his second term in 2017.

His admirers say the president should retain office to consolidate achievements made under the RPF government especially in developing the healthcare, infrastructure, economy and security.

But critics say amending the Constitution will entrench President Kagame’s rule.


Kagame, who led guerrillas to seize power from the genocidal regime in 1994, is accused of human rights violations and suffocating political dissent, charges Kigali vehemently denies.

The Parliament committee on Monday evening said people expressed convergent and divergent points of view.

“Most Rwandans agreed on the amendment of Article 101 of the Constitution,” said the Committee.


The Rwandan Constitution was adopted on May 26,2003 and published in the official Gazette on June 04, 2003.

It has been amended four times: December 2, 2003; December 8, 2005; August 13, 2008 and June 17, 2010.

Officials said the 2015 review is unique since it it combines the previous amendments and reviews other provisions to be modified.

MPs said the review must be subjected to a referendum.

The 2015 Constitution Review was prompted by 3,784,586 Rwandans who filed petitions to Rwanda Parliament seeking amendment of Article 101.

About ten (10) Rwandans objected the amendment of Article 101 of the Constitution

Rwandans petitions are based on Article 2 of the Constitution:  “All the power derives from the people.”

After examination of the petitions, the Plenary Assembly of each Chamber resolved that the Constitution of Rwanda of June 04, 2003 be revised.

Parliament also decided the establishment of a technical Commission to support it in the Constitution Review.

The Support Commission to Parliament for the Constitution Review was established by Law ? 43/2015 of 29/08/2015.

The findings from reports on public consultations held by Legislators show there are other provisions of the Constitution that need to be amended due to various reasons.

It was observed that the Constitution contains some awkward phrasing and inappropriate terminology that complicate its interpretation.

The Constitution Review requires improving the language and translation using appropriate legislative drafting techniques.

On the format, MPs said the Constitution needs to be restructured as a number of Articles are placed in Chapters where they have no relevance.

The Constitution of Rwanda has no Table of Contents which legislators said makes it not a user-friendly legal text.
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), order in a bid to support safe motherhood and promote health of newly born babies will from Thursday donate neonatal incubators to Lira, Mbale, and Arua Health centres.

The bank through their charity fund under the KCB foundation, have partnered with the Ministry of Health to support  social development  goals specifically  to reduce maternal and child  mortality in these vulnerable districts.

According to KCB,  the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is part of KCB foundation’s continued initiative to make considerable contributions to the vulnerable groups of society especially the needy, the poor, children and women.

The foundation will be handing over 10 neonatal incubators to the 3 health centres during the next three days.

KCB Managing Director, Joram Kiarie and head of marketing, Samuel Matekha will represent the KCB foundation at the handover.

Dr. Jane Aceng the Director of Health Services at the ministry of health will represent the ministry at the same time preside over the main handover at Lira Regional Referral hospital on Friday October 23, 2015.

With goals like improvement of the living conditions of the communities in which they operate, the KCB foundation continues to invest in areas like health, environment, education, enterprise development and humanitarian development.
President Yoweri Museveni on Monday presided over the passing out of over 23, visit this site 000 crime preventors trained by the Uganda Police, try at Nyakasanga grounds in Kasese District.

According to the Acting Commissioner of Police, Hadija Namutebi, the Crime preventors have been equipped with skills to detect Crime in their various villages in the country.

At the presiding ceremony, the President thanked Uganda Police for supporting Government to fight poverty.

President Museveni presided over the ceremony.
President Museveni presided over the ceremony.

“The role of the police is to promote community policing and the role of crime preventors is to stop petty crimes of stealing chicken, coffee and more, he added.

The President said people have abandoned work due to the high cases of theft in their villages which can be prevented.

He urged crime preventors to work with police to ensure that there is no lawlessness in villages.

The National Coordinator for the Crime Preventors Forum, Enos Agaba, earlier on dismissed speculations that the Crime Preventers had been trained for elections.

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