Museveni Commissions Mbale Municipality Roads

President Yoweri Museveni has strongly urged the youth and students in the country to act as change agents in their families by deeply getting involved in wealth creation as he did in the 1960s.

“I am happy to see the children here. In the 1960s, I acted as a change agent for the people in my community who lived in a traditional way of life,” he said.

The President made the remarks today at the commissioning ceremony of several Mbale Municipality roads in Eastern Uganda’s Bugisu Sub-Region that have either been repaired or constructed under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development USMID) project at a cost of over Shs. 26 billion.

250 top international constructors undertook the building of the roads that include Republic Street, Pallisa, Bishop Wasike and Naniyoya roads. The same funds were used for the construction of cycle, walking and parking lanes among other programmes.

President Museveni said that his initiative to act as a change agent bore fruits in his home area and as such, he encouraged students, especially the youth, to emulate his example.

On infrastructure development, he said the aim is to make the people of Uganda live a good life and to lay a solid foundation for the economy of the country.

“The aim of what we are doing here is to make the people live a good life and also to lay a strong foundation for the whole economy and the country,” he said.

He added that for people to live a prosperous life, other tenets such as the peace that is now place, are taken into account.  He assured the people that peace and tranquillity will continue adding that nobody would disturb it and that those who try will fail.


The President further advised the people of Bugisu Sub-Region to desist from land and property fragmentation. He advised families to form family companies that will safeguard their wealth.

“I have been advising people to form family companies which work together as a company and share the money that comes from the company,” he said; adding that family assets must always be kept intact for the production of raw materials for the mushrooming industries in Uganda.

Regarding job creation, Mr. Museveni pointed out that jobs are created from wealth.

He cited a farmer in Rwengaju in Fort Portal Kabarole District in Western Uganda who initially had nothing but later adopted modern farming and is now employing 6 workers and earning over Shs. 30million per annum.

“If we had 1000 of such farmers, over 6000 people would be employed,” he observed adding that it is that very reason that he is making the country tour to inform leaders to wake up the people to eradicate household poverty through modern calculated agriculture


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