Museveni Commissions Armoured Warfare Commanders

President Museveni on Friday took off time off his busy schedule to observe the modern warfare tactics of the UPDF.

This was during the pass-out ceremony of the Platoon and Company Commanders at Kalama Armoured Warfare School, clinic Mubende.

Officials said the commanders demonstrated a combined military exercise of tanks, this site infantry and air force to the Commander-in-Chief.

The tactical armoured exercise code named ‘Kamilisha Uongozi’ lasted a few hours.

Museveni saw how ground troops’ operations can be synchronised with airpower and artillery to squeeze breath out of the enemy with lightening speed.

President Museveni emphasized discipline and advised the commanders to avoid reckless behaviour to keep healthy.

Some of senor commanders who attended the function include Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt Gen Charles Angina and Chief of Staff Land Forces, Brig Leopold Kyanda.

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