Museveni Commends Kadaga for Boosting Youth Empowerment Schemes 

President Yoweri Museveni has praised the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga for joining him in the efforts to boost youth empowerment initiatives.

Museveni joined Kadaga in Kamuli District on Sunday to hand over 472 machines to 190 youth groups with a membership of 3,228 youth, under the Uganda Green Jobs Programme organised by the Ministry of Gender and supported by the Speaker.

The equipment meant to create jobs for the youth, keep them productive and improve on their standards of living included sewing machines, gadgets for hair dressing, generators, electric ovens, car washing equipment, milling and paver making machines plus computers.

The President in his remarks started by congratulating the Speaker for winning the NRM 2nd National Vice Chairperson race, where she defeated Lands junior minister Princess Persis Namuganza, and also the Kamuli woman MP flag bearer.

“I congratulate Rt. Hon. Kadaga on her recent victories in the NRM party elections,” said Museveni.

He then praised Kadaga for committing to the resource mobilization for youth empowerment schemes.

“I am glad that the Speaker is making a case for more resources to these youth empowerment schemes. This has been my position always and hope Parliament will fully back me,” said Museveni.

The President urged people with land to practice commercial agriculture and add value to the produce in order to reap more from their sweat.


“For instance we now get more revenue from gold because it is refined here, unlike previously when we exported it in raw form. The refinery should start making jewellery to increase revenue,” he said.

Adding: “Besides commercial agriculture, the other opportunities of wealth creation lie in the services sector, ICT and Industry (small & large scale). I urge each youth to be engaged in at least one of these sectors.”

He stressed that Government started Skilling the girl child/Youth project in Kampala and now is extending the fund to every zone under the “Emyooga” scheme. There are now 92 parishes engaging in Emyooga in Busoga and is expected to be extended it to all parishes.


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