Museveni Cautions Sheema Delegation On Land Fragmentation

President Yoweri Museveni has strongly advised the communities in Sheema and Bushenyi Districts in South Western Uganda against the dangers embedded in the archaic practice of land fragmentation.

He said that the people in the 2 districts should, therefore, embark on profitable modern methods of agriculture such as coffee and fruits growing, zero grazing, poultry and fish farming on small pieces of land holdings as well as planting tea on hilly areas to avoid the effects of stiff land fragmentation practices that have adversely affected a number of areas in the neghbouring Kigezi Sub-Region. He commended the people in the country who have heeded his call against land fragmentation practices.

“I thank people who have embraced the campaign to sensitise people to shift from traditional methods of farming to modern standards of living. The idea was to sensitise the communities about realising an economic sense in handling expenditures within the economic means available on income generation at household level based on enterprise selection,” he said.

President Museveni was speaking to a delegation of Sheema District local leaders, youth and women leaders and clergy, led by Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Minister and Sheema South MP, Professor Ephraim Kamuntu, who called on him last evening at his Rwakitura country home in Kiruhuura district.

He emphasized that for meaningful development to take place, the challenge of poverty must be tackled at household level with a view to boosting income levels in all communities using education, health, safe water provision, among others, to enhance individual progress.

The President cautioned leaders against divisive politics based on sectarianism, such as religion, adding that a good leader should never take sides based on sectarianism.

Minister Kamuntu, on his part, revealed that the delegation’s visit was premised on sharing with the President matters pertaining to ideological and social transformation in Sheema District.

“In Sheema District, we want to emphasize food security campaign, income generation, tea growing, an all inclusive low-interest revolving fund for the youth and women in order to support their selected enterprises for sustained income generation,” he said.


The delegation displayed a selected number of representative products from which people in the district derive income such as cow ghee, fruits, tea and wine. He added that Sheema District craves to be a model in production at national level.

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