Museveni Cautions Buganda on Returned Properties

President Yoweri Museveni is set to hold more discussions next month, with officials from Buganda Kingdom and other traditional institutions, on among others the issue of eviction of tenants by land owners.

The President revealed last weekend that he had learnt of cases of eviction in different parts of rural Buganda, during his recent historic trek to Luwero.

“I interacted with some of the victims.  We are going to defend them.  Many of them stood with us in the struggle.  We cannot abandon them,” Museveni said during the Saturday NRM Delegates Conference.

The President further warned that as government prepares to return the rest of Buganda Kingdom land that was seized by President Obote in 1966, people currently residing on this land must not be evicted.

Government in 2014 handed back a total of 213 land titles to Buganda and in 2018, promised to return the rest of the properties which include the Kingdom’s official estates for the Masaza, Amagombolola, properties of chiefs, several markets and land in various urban and rural areas in Buganda.

The tenants that must not be evicted from this land, Museveni said, are those that are recognized under the 1995 constitution, namely; those given ekibanja by the landlord or his agent; those that settled on the land 1983 (bona-fide occupants); those that bought from one of the two above; those who inherited from one of the two above; one that was first to settle on the Public land and the ones that were settled by the Government.

“It is, therefore, illegal and a provocation to the NRM to evict these people,” he said.

Regarding the returned Buganda land, Museveni cautioned he kingdom not to “introduce any formula that is at variance with the 1995 Constitution.”


If too many of the 6 tenant categories of people are found to be settling on any of the returned properties, Museveni called on the Kabaka and kingdom officials to consult with on how to handle such a matter.

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