Museveni Calls for Dialogue as Judiciary Remembers Ben Kiwanuka

President Yoweri Museveni has called upon lawyers, judicial officers and civil servants to engage in dialogue with the elderly freedom fighters, and discuss more about the strategic direction of Uganda and Africa at large.

In his message delivered by Vice president Hon Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi at the first Ben Kiwanuka Memorial lecture at High court grounds in Kampala, Museveni also called upon the cultural leaders, religious leaders and others to sit down to discuss and harmonize on strategic and tactical issues.

In his speech, Museveni aired a number of concerns with the judicial arm of government, pertaining issues like bail for serious crime suspects.

The President has often called for such criminals to be automatically denied bail.

“Why should it be a priority for the judiciary to grant bail to people accused and remanded of rape, murder, rioting, destroying property?  The society and victims have rights too,” he said.

At the event, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe Magunda hailed the late Ben Kiwanuka as one of the few people who decided to sacrifice his life in defence of rule of law in the country.

The chief justice asked various government officials in charge of handling judiciary issues to handle all matters carefully and that although some may appear to be small, they are important.

Among these, he pointed out the re-arresting of people who have been released by court, disobeying of court orders by some government officials, invasion of court premises and the despising of judges by some individuals.


Katureebe cautioned that as judiciary they will not allow to be made beggars in the process of asking for what they are mandated to have.

Justice Wako Wambuzi, the three time chief justice of Uganda asked all the judges and Magistrates to take a leaf from the late Ben Kiwanuka’s lifestyle and exhibit the highest level of unquestionable integrity as they execute their duties

“It has been 18years since I retired, my successor also retired and now its chief justice Bart Katureebe’s responsibility to take judiciary forward,” he said.

At this event, a bust of Kiwanuka was unveiled at the entrance of high court in Kampala in his memory.

The late Benedicto Kiwanuka, was on 21st September, 1972 violently kidnapped from his Chambers at this very High Court Building by President Amin’s soldiers and has never been seen again.


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