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Museveni Breaks Silence on Murder of Rwego

President Museveni has come out to support the new security strategy of introducing telephone lines at all police stations in Uganda, saying this will enable rapid response to criminality.

In a statement on Saturday, Museveni said he had already directed the Police to “make available to the public the telephone contacts of the nearest police posts so as to save time.”

He argues the move will enable police rapidly respond to engage criminals terrorising urban areas.

“There were two incidents of crime that I would like to draw to your attention. One was in the Najjera area where one of our people, Archie Rwego, was brutally murdered in the front of his wife,” the President said

He said the following morning some suspects were arrested, one of them thought to have been bitten by Rwego’s dog before they entered the house to kill him.

In Naluvule, on Hoima Road, president Museveni said the criminals invaded the house of his Resistance War comrade Hajjati Bakari, started beating her and demanded money.

“A neighbour rang the Police in Wakiso who ordered the policemen at Ssenge to respond. The Police responded immediately. They arrived on the scene as the criminals were still torturing Mama Bakari and attacked the thieves. One was killed, another one injured and the rest fled,” reads the President’s statement

He said Police captured the mobile phone of the dead thief and all the other thieves fled, some with injuries.


President Museveni also stated the difference between the two incidents.

“In one incident, the residents rang the Police in time. In the other incident, nobody rang the Police. The wife of Rwego made an alarm but since it was raining nobody heard the alarm. The better alarm is to ring the Police.”


The head of state also urged the public to be vigilant as it was in Masaka where a criminal gang was tracked down due to public-police collaboration.

“In Masaka, the Kiddawalime gang , which had killed 5 people on New Year’s day 2018, was wiped out by one of the potential victims, Nakyambadde, a nurse, having the presence of mind to ring a crime preventer who then rang the Police which responded promptly,” he noted

The result, Kiddawalime was killed on the spot.

Hassan Galiwango escaped but the vigilance of the public had already identified the identity of these people.

“Galiwango had made himself a herds boy (omulaalo w’ente) deep in Ntungamo (Nyabihoko) . A Mwanainchi watching TV noticed the resemblance between the new herds boy in the village and the picture on the TV. That is how the last of the Kiddawalime gang was re-arrested.”

Nevertheless, the president said, “Let all the Police stations have cost free (toll-free) phones that are known to the public. When that is done everywhere, people being attacked, in addition to the “nduuru” to summon neighbours, somebody should ring that local police number promptly,” he added

In the statement, the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces also stated that having removed some of what he referred to as the kawukumi (the bean weevils) from the Police, it is becoming more efficient.

He said criminals would not escape the long arm of the law.

In the case of Rwego, he said a lot of time was lost by the wife making an alarm alone.

He urged the public to always conduct a security background check on house helpers.

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