Museveni Brands Imported Product Users Foolish

President   Yoweri Museveni has said Ugandans are only stupid when they lament about the rising levels of unemployment in the country yet on the other hand continue buying Chinese products at the expense of the locally made ones.

Speaking during the launch of Muyoka Sacco at Mengo Secondary School in Kampala on Saturday afternoon, cialis 40mg Museveni said Uganda is a blessed country with a lot of resources which can be put to use to solve the unemployment problem, but said people are lazy to tap in this chance.

The President checks some of the products made by the Muyoka Sacco members
The President checks out some of the products made by the Muyoka Sacco members

“Why should we continue crying over unemployment yet we continue buying products like shoes from China and Italy. We have over 14 million cattle in Uganda and these can provide skins to be used in the making of shoes here in Uganda,” Museveni urged.

“Why should you go to Dubai to buy furniture when we can make our own here? How can a desert country continue selling us furniture when we have our own forests? We need to wake up and start making our own products.”

The President cited the leather tanning process which can employ a number of youths as well as earning money to those involved other than buying products from foreign countries which he said only develops those countries as Ugandans remain poor and unemployed.

Museveni said many Ugandans are able to make the products bought from outside at a cheaper price but said many people are ignorant and don’t want to support the locally made products.

“You can export the skin of a cow to China but the shoe made out of it costs 15 times more expensive than the skin itself. It is stupid giving away jobs and money to other people. We need to learn adding value to our products so they can fetch higher prices,” Museveni advised.

Since the start of what he calls “Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo”—His fifth term in office – President Museveni has placed a great deal of emphasis of curtailing the excessive importation of products to the country, which he says is the starting port to reviving the sluggishly growing national economy.


All government institutions for instance have been barred from importing any product that is locally available.

At the event, the president donated Shs 100 million to Muyoka Sacco that started in 2012.

According to Muyoka Manager, Viola Kobusingye, the Sacco that is spread all over the 5 divisions of Kampala boasts of over 700 members and capital of Shs35million.

The function was attended by among others the Kampala Minister Beti Kamya.

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