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Museveni Blasts IGG Mulyagonja; Unveils Parallel Anti-graft Unit

President Museveni has asked the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Ms Irene Mulyagonja to provide answers for failing to deliver on her mandate of fighting corruption.

Mulyagonja, a former Judge, has in recent weeks been under the spotlight for not doing enough to hold to account officials accused of illicit accumulation of wealth.

Despite activists tendering evidence showing former central bank supervision chief, Justine Bagyenda had reportedly transacted billions of shillings on her multiple bank accounts, the IGG is yet to produce a report on the matter.

Last week, activists under their umbrella association, Youth Power Research Uganda, petitioned the President, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Prime Minister over delayed investigations into Bagyenda’s staggering wealth.

Youth Crusaders, an advocacy group also accused the IGG and Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) of delaying investigations into the matter.

But Mulyagonja was quoted as saying the inspectorate was “doing an individual investigation here. Why would we preempt it through media? When it is ready, we shall give it to the responsible parties.”

But the youth who spoke at a press conference said the delayed IGG and FIA investigations were ‘breeding impunity’ and hampering justice in the fight against corruption.

Museveni appears to agree with this notion and did not hide his frustration when he addressed the nation.


“What happened to the IGG? Why don’t the victims of corruption report those incidents to the office of the IGG?” wondered Museveni.

“That was the purpose of that office; to protect the public from corrupt officials; to protect the investors against corrupt officials. The IGG should reflect on this,” he emphasised.

Museveni also queried the integrity of Mulyagonja’s staff amid complaints the inspectorate was being occupied by corrupt elements.

“Are her staff credible? Why does the public not trust that institution?  We need answers,” charged Museveni.

The President went ahead to appoint a parallel monitoring unit which would receive information about corruption from aggrieved citizens.

“Report any corruption you come across to this unit. It will comprise of Mr. James Tweheyo, Ms. Martha Asiimwe and Sister Akiror.  They will give out their telephone numbers,” Museveni advised the public.

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