Museveni Blames Ugandan Economic Challenges on God’s Curse

President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday amused local and foreign manufacturers in Kampala when he asked them to bear in mind that some of the challenges that Uganda and her neighboring countries are going through, cost are as a result of a curse from God.

Museveni while speaking at the opening of the Uganda International Trade Fair at the UMA Show Ground in Lugogo, pharm said he was aware of the hardships that Ugandan producers face especially while trying to get the market for their products.

The president cited tomato farmers in Mukono district who he said are currently crying as they have nowhere to sell their tomatoes, following the closure of the route to war ravaged South Sudan.

He also noted that other big markets for Ugandan products have been affected by political instability, such as that of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“But you have to know that these problems are because of Eve’s grandchildren,” Museveni told the manufacturers in Luganda.

“You know that when that woman was seduced by the serpent and she ate the forbidden fruit, we were all cursed. This is God’s curse that we are facing. That is the world we live in”

The President however reassured the manufacturers that he and the NRM government have re-laid the foundation by seeking markets for Ugandan products beyond the neighboring countries.

“You should not be discouraged because we now have numerous markets where you can sell your products tax free; we have the East African Market, the COMESA market, the European Union and the United States; Even in China for some products. Therefore there shouldn’t be any more excuses.”


Museveni gave the example of Mukwano, whose cooking oil factory in Lira is now exporting cooking oil to Switzerland.

“People keep asking why I am flying up and down around the world, but it is these markets that I am looking for.

The President advised the manufacturers to minimize their imports and to formulate a stronger association that brings together thousands of local and foreign manufactures as is the case in European countries.

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