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Museveni Blames ADF for Kagezi, Kaweesi Murders

The rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) is to blame for the murder of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi; prosecutor Joan Kagezi and Muslim sheikhs, President Museveni has revealed.

The killing of the high ranking state officials shocked the nation and created an atmosphere of terror.

Addressing the nation, President Museveni said intelligence failure had allowed ADF to carry out assassinations in the country.

“Some of the terrorists of ADF as well as other criminal elements, seeing that they could not survive in the rural areas, infiltrated into the towns where we had not fully focused in terms of developing intelligence capacity,” said Museveni in a state of nation address on Wednesday.

“As a consequence, we had 7 Sheiks assassinated as well as Major Kiggundu, Joan Kagezi, AIGP Kaweesi and Susan Magara, of recent,” he added.

Police and military intelligence have in recent months arrested suspects in these murders.

President Museveni said “these killings seem to have been linked with ADF,” adding , “Other killings, like the women killed in the Entebbe – Wakiso areas, as well as the killings in the Masaka area on New Year’s Eve, were by local criminals using pangas.”

The ADF’s Supreme Leader Jamil Mukulu was arrested by Tanzania’s security services before being handed to Uganda.


Kitagenda saga

The President’s statement comes a time of intense media reports that one of former Police Flying Squad operatives, Abel Kitagenda was involved in Kaweesi’s murder.

Internal Security Organisation (ISO) boss Col Kaka Bagyenda says the investigation into the murder is almost complete.

He dismissed as “misleading” media reports that Kitagenda knew about the murder.

“I have been reading some misleading stories in the media since the weekend. But we shall soon finalise the investigations and will hand over [the suspects] to police for prosecution,” Col Bagyenda said, according to a local daily.

He also remained cagey on claims that the murder was an inside scheme within the police ranks.

“That remains an allegation I have been reading in the media until proved otherwise,” Col Bagyenda was quoted as saying.

Officials told ChimpReports that Kitagenda was arrested for a crime that is not related to murders of high profile state officials.

Museveni told Parliament that “Regarding the killings of Joan Kagezi, Moslem Sheikhs, AIGP Kaweesi and Major Kiggundu, 90 persons have been arrested and are now facing trial and those not yet arrested are still being hunted.”

He further cautioned: “The ADF criminals in Congo will answer for the killings of our people even when they are hiding in Congo. Their only safety is for them to voluntarily surrender and seek for amnesty.”


Meanwhile, President Museveni said the security forces have put in place a mechanism to “build the intelligence gathering capacity in the towns and on the highways. We are about to round-off the building of that capacity.”

He further assured that urban terrorism and crime would “be defeated just as we defeated the rural terrorists.”

He said most of the killers of the women in the Entebbe – Wakiso areas as well as the killings in the Masaka area, have been arrested.

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