Museveni : Besigye Should be Arrested for Playing ‘Stupid’ Politics

Uganda People’s Defense Forces and the Uganda Police Force have agreed to farther their partnership in a bid to deliver a peaceful 2016 general election.

The two security bodies together with the Uganda Prisons which together make up the Joint Security Forces announced today that they would be working hand in hand through the election period.

While addressing press at the Media Center on Saturday, viagra 100mg the UPDF Chief of Defense Forces Gen Edward Katumba Wamala stated that the forces are permitted by law to work hand in hand when need arises.

He noted that the decision for them to partner in the coming elections was inspired by last month’s Papal visit in which through working together, they were able to secure event to the end without any serious incident.

Politicians on majorly on the opposition side have severally contested the idea of the UPDF taking part in the election exercise, noting that this only plays to the advantage of the ruling NRM party.

The alienation of the UPDF from elections was entailed in the set of electoral reforms sought by the politicians and civil society; which were however thrown out by Parliament.

Meanwhile, the CDF allayed fears that army’s involvement would contribute to insecurity and election malpractice, emphasizing the commitment of the forces to peace and stability.

Katumba gave an example of the militia groups which a few months ago were formed to actively take part in next year’s elections, only to be disbanded by the security forces.


“Those who were involved in illegal training of youths were promptly warned and required to stop any such training. To our knowledge, no such other training has been conducted since their disbandment,” he said.

“Today we want to announce that since the campaigns started around mid-last month over 350 rallies have been addressed by all candidates combined. We would like to note that most of these rallies, if not all have been conducted peacefully”

Anthony Bongole struck on the 73rd minute to ensure Bright Stars picked one crucial point from URA FC on Saturday afternoon in a highly physical match played at the Mekhta stadium in Lugazi.

URA FC has taken an early in the 22nd minute when the usual suspect Robert Ssentongo scored from the spot following a rough challenge on Elkanah Nkugwa from inside the box.

Kigonya vs Ssentongo 
Mathias Kigonya proved why he is a national team material, ed pulling a rare save to stop Ssentongo in a one-on-one situation just when the game was only ten minutes old.

The centre of action remained between the Kobs keeper and the 2014/15 top scorer. Kigonya came to the Stars’ rescue again in the 44th minute blocking another powerful missile from the URA striker from close range after he had beaten Joseph Nsubuga and Hakim Mugerwa.

Three minutes after the interval, what is ed Akram Kakembo failed to clear a loose ball allowing Ssentongo to get it but his loop failed yet again with another ‘magical’ save from Kigonya.

In the other game, Lweza fc and Maroons played to a barren draw in a muddy Wankulukuku stadium following heavy downpour earlier on.

URA FC moves to ninth place with fourteen points while Bright Stars stalls on the 12th place.

URA FC: Sulait Luyima Simeone Massa, Allan Munaaba, Jimmy Kulaba, Richard Kasagga, Oscar Agaba, Derrick Tekko, Ali Feni (78′ Peter Lwassa), Robert Ssentongo, Frank Kalanda (58′ Cleo Setuka), Elkanah Nkugwa (65′ Yayo Lutimba)

B. Stars: Mathias Kigonya, Joseph Nsubuga, Hakim Mugerwa, Ali Mbogo, Akram Kakembo, Bernard Muwanga*injured (64′ Joshun Kawadwa), Joshun Kawadwa, Anthony Bongole, Jimmy Kakooza, Joshua Kawabwa(45′ Martin Kivumbi), Jimmy Kibirige, Baker Lukooya (84′ Gerald Bagoole).
President Museveni has said he would any time be forced to ask the police force to act and arrest fellow presidential aspirant and FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye for practicing what he termed as cheap and stupid politics as he canvases votes.
Museveni who was on Saturday afternoon campaigning at Bulucheke sub county playgrounds in Bududu district said he was irked by remarks by the opposition strongman when he recently while campaigning in the area urged locals to continue encroaching on Mt. Elgon National park forest.

The president said he could not tolerate such acts by politicians who seek favors from the voters on the expense of the country’s resources.

“I heard that Besigye said he would allow you go and take over the forest. I am going to see if I can arrest that man because what he said is criminal, medicine ”Museveni said.

The president likened Besigye to a lady in the Bible who accepted and gave in a child they were fighting for with another to be cut into 2 so that they could share it and to this Museveni said it is a clear indicator Besigye does not care about the people of Bududa.

“When king Solomon asked that the child be cut into two, here the woman who was not the real mother accepted it .Besigye is not a mother of Uganda if he can accept people to destroy the forest. I am going to look at the recordings and if he said it, search I will take it up with the Electoral Commission and police.”

He added,” I will try to get a tape of what he said because we cannot go on with this nonsense because of politics.”
Museveni said letting the people encroach on forest land is like cutting one’s own flesh because the forest is a source to many rivers that provide water and as well as modifying the environment.

Applauds for Dropping Smuggling
The however applauded the people of Bududa and the neighboring areas for dropping the habit of smuggling goods from Kenya which he said was making the country lose a lot of money in form of taxes that they always eluded.

“I was a good footballer but sometimes you could do what we call ‘okwetera endobo’ (kicking your own leg).It was always very painful. The same way smuggling was costing us a lot because you were helping Kenya by paying taxes there but not doing the same here.”

He added,” I am happy you are now at peace with Uganda Revenue Authority who you always hated for chasing you for taxes.”
Museveni said that now the taxes have increased from Shs5bn in 1986 to more than Shs3000 bn collected each year.

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