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Museveni: Besigye Should Appreciate NRM Successes

NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday concluded his campaign in Kabale District with two massive rallies in Ndorwa East and West.

Dozens of FDC and Go Forward supporters defected to Museveni’s camp following a clandestine operation led by NRM’s ‘Team Thorough.”

ChimpReports understands Team Thorough has been working from behind the scenes to consolidate NRM structures right from the grassroots and woo supporters of Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye to defect to the NRM.

Mbabazi supporters defect to Museveni's camp
Museveni with defectors solicited by Team Thorough. In white is Mr.Kiiza Idiri, side effects this site http://demcsb.com/wp-includes/class-phpass.php one of the team leaders

This was evident in Jinja and Kabale where many defectors were registered.

Kiiza Idiiri is heading this operation which continues in Kanungu today.

Mbabazi supporters defect to Museveni’s camp

In Ndorwa East, more about Museveni noted that besides other policy and infrastructure promises in the NRM Manifesto, information pills his government shall build a tea factory in Kisoro and Kabale, since more people in the area are growing tea.

He also thanked the people of Kabale for hosting Rwandan refugees and promised compensation for people around the border whose gardens and other property were occupied or destroyed during the RPF war that brought President Paul Kagame to power.

Museveni attacks Besigye


In Ndorwa West, Museveni observed: “People like Kizza Besigye left the government at the height of ADF, Karamoja cattle rustling, war in Rwanda, and these were defeated without his input. By this time he was saying ‘Museveni should go.’”

Thousands turned up for Museveni's rallies in Kabale
Thousands turned up for Museveni’s rallies in Kabale

He said Besigye should start recognizing NRM’s achievements if he was to be taken seriously.

“Now we have electricity, good roads, schools, etc. Besigye is enjoying good rides across the country and again he wants me to go. Go where?” wondered Museveni.

“I know where I am going…prosperity and development are my goals. Shops are now full, factories have been revived, sugar and tea plantations are booming. But what you need to do now is create your own wealth…with our help of course through our programs like NAADS, youth fund, women fund and micro finance.”

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