South Sudan

Museveni, Bashir Want Kiir, Machar to Return Stolen UN Food

The regional Heads of State Summit in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa this week resolved that the belligerent South Sudan forces should return looted food and items to the humanitarian agencies.

The summit chaired by the host country’s Prime Minister Haillemariam Dessalegn and attended by Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, link Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan, viagra Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya among others, ambulance was the first highest level regional assembly since war resumed in South Sudan early last month.

Heavy clashes between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir known as SPLA in Government and those loyal to opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar broke out on the 8th July and stunningly from the presidential palace in capital Juba.

On 10th July the war extended to all parts of the city characterized with heavy looting, raping of civilians and killing of many.

The World Food Program stores in the capital were ransacked by the armed men and everything was looted. According to the United Nations, food meant for 220,000 suffering refugees mainly children and women were forcefully and inconsiderably taken by the combatants believed to be from the government side.

The Addis Ababa Summit among others strongly condemned the incident at World Food Program stores and other humanitarian agency premises and resolved that those responsible should immediately return the stolen food and equipment.

“We condemn the attack on aid workers and looting of the UN humanitarian stores by armed groups. In this regard we demand that the looted equipment and food items be returned immediately and unconditionally,” resolution 7 of the Summit Communiqué that emerged on Monday says.

About half of the 12 million South Sudan population depend on humanitarian aid for mainly food and other basics since the civil war began in December 2013.


Relief agencies have been appealing for help to urgently reach the 4 million people faced by “severe” hunger. Unfortunately even the little that was in stock to feed the badly off 220,000 people is now gone.

The IGAD leaders also condemned rape by uniformed men and asked for the instituting of an investigation by the African Union to single out the responsible parties.

“We condemn widespread sexual violence including rape and gang rape of women and young girls. We call for an urgent in-depth independent investigation by the African Union on the fighting and criminal activities that followed to identify those responsible.”

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