Museveni Attends Burial of NRA Bush War Hero

President Museveni has paid tribute to the late Clotilda Nansubuga Kyobe for her role during the protracted people’s struggle from 1981 to 1986.

“I came here to join you in celebrating her life. Nansubuga is one of the people who played exceptional roles during the protracted people’s struggle,” he said.

The President was Wednesday paying tribute in Tanda village, Mawagga Sub-County in Mityana District at the funeral service and burial of the late Nansubuga who succumbed to cancer at the age of 80 years.

The Requiem Mass was held at the UBC transmitter grounds in Mawagga.

Mr. Museveni told mourners that he had come for the burial of late Nansubuga as a way of “paying his tribute to the works of all the veterans in general” and to give testimony over the life of the late Nansubuga in particular.

He revealed that he linked up with the late Kyobe and his wife Nansubuga at their home in Matuga in April 1981 where he spent two weeks before heading to Kenya on 6th June 1981.

He said that the stay of liberators in Matugga enabled them to “build strength” because they “increased the number of guns that facilitated the struggle.”

The NRM Secretary General, Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba, said that in the death of Nansubuga, the Party had lost a strong pillar.


She lauded the deceased as one of the crucial facilitators in the restoration of peace. She also saluted the President for sacrificing himself for the welfare of wananchi.

The Woman Member of Parliament of Mityana District, Hon. Judith Nabakooba saluted President Museveni for supporting and helping bibanja owners.

Ms. Florence Namuwaya Kyobe, daughter of the late Nansubuga saluted President Museveni for facilitating medical treatment of their mother during her illness and the funeral.

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