Museveni Asks to Address Parliament on Security; Bans Police Bond, Bail for Murder Suspects

President Yoweri Museveni has offered to address Parliament next week on the state of national security, which became increasingly compromised lately, following a string of murders of prominent people, the latest being Arua Municipality MP Hon Ibrahim Abiriga.

Amid the growing concerns, Members of Parliament, last week called for the Ministry of Security to deliver a statement on the state of security in the country.

But speaking today at the 2018/19 Budget Reading in Kampala, Museveni asked the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, to be allowed to address the house on the same matter.

“I heard MPs were calling for a ministerial statement; I hear there is an arrangement where the President could address parliament on a matter of national importance,” he said.

“I would propose that next week when I am ready, I come and give you an analysis on this situation and what we are planning to do about it.”

He added, “I know people are very angry, people are very sad and worried. For me I am sad, angry but confident that we are going to defeat these pigs.

“We have dealt with pigs before and these are smaller pigs to deal with. You will see. All those involved will be exposed and crushed.”

Bail and Bond


Meanwhile, Museveni directed the Uganda Police to stop giving Police Bond to especially people suspected of high profile crimes such as murder.

“I don’t want to hear of police bond,” he said. “Somebody suspected of killing our people for no reason, you give him police bond; no way!”

The President also appealed to the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe to look into ending bail for such crimes.

The Right to bail is enshrined in the 1995 national constitution under Article 23 (6)

Article 28 of the same Constitution also states that an accused person is to be presumed innocent until he/she is proved or he/she pleads guilty, which is the basis for the right to bail.

The President’s proposal is likely to be met with stern resistance from the legal fraternity.

But Museveni insisted that “bail for killers is not acceptable.”

“I don’t want a conflict of interest. But I am here in two capacities; as president of the country and leader of the resistance,” he said.






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