Museveni Asks Japan to Open its Market to Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has asked Japan to open up its market to Ugandan goods and services so as to facilitate trade between the two countries. Museveni who met with the Japanese Prime Minister, pill Chinzo Abe Sunday in Kenya said Uganda has for long supported the Japanese economy and it is time the Asian economic giant did the same.

“Good projects have been undertaken between Uganda and Japan. I am pleased with progress in the construction of a bridge in Jinja, information pills the roads in Kampala that include flyovers and hospitals,” Museveni told PM Abe.

He noted that for there to be stronger cooperation between Uganda and Japana, there must be a balance of trade. Uganda has over the years bought Japanese manufactured equipment especially for building infrastructure as well as vehicles.

“We have bought from Japan for a long time. Uganda, for example, began buying Japanese cars before independence in 1962,” said the President.

“Since then, we have bought more from Japan than it has from us. We have supported the Japanese economy and prosperity. We have supported your factories and helped you get jobs. Japan should now create a balance of trade.”

Museveni commended the Japanese government for its support tio Uganda in the area of infrastructure. He mentioned tourism as being another area through which the two countries can foster bi-lateral trade, encouraging Japanese tourists to visit Uganda.

Investment was also part of the discussion between the two leaders with President Museveni inviting more Japanese investors to Uganda.

President Museveni and his delegation (on the left) during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Chinzo Abey along with other Japanese delegates
President Museveni and his delegation (on the left) during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Chinzo Abey along with other Japanese delegates

On his part, Prime Minister Chinzo Abe said he was delighted to meet the President, adding that the two countries’ relations had grown stronger since the principals’ last meeting in September last year.


He acknowledged that it was important to discuss market access because it was vital for the two countries, reiterating that the private sectors of Uganda and Japan needed to work together.

Abe said his country was ready to continue providing quality infrastructure to Uganda in addition to a USD 116 million loan to Uganda to improve Kampala metropolitan infrastructure.

At the end of the meeting, Abe introduced several company executives interested in investing in Uganda.

Prime Minister Chinzo Abe is in Kenya to attend the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD).

Earlier on Sunday, President Museveni had addressed the second plenary session of TICAD, reiterating his position that Japan invests in infrastructure, creates access to its market, gets more investors to Africa and supports the continent in ICT training.l; 

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