Museveni: Anita Among is a ‘Good Independent’ MP

President Museveni has called upon NRM and opposition leaders to stop personal fights but participate in the development of their constituencies and praised an FDC-leaning lawmaker.

The President was Saturday addressing a public rally at Kachumbala County headquarters in Bukedea District, Teso Sub-Region where he travelled to immediately he returned from his 2-day official visit to Zimbabwe.

“It is the wanaichi who need guidance. The Bible says we shall know them by their fruits and not their words,” he said.

Mr. Museveni hailed the Woman Member of Parliament for Bukedea District, Hon. Anita Amongi for developing her constituency, adding that other Members of Parliament should emulate her.

“Honorable Anita Amongi came as an Independent and has turned out to be a good Independent. She has developed the area. I have been to the schools that she has built using her personal money. I have also supported her. She is a bit like me when I went to the bush because I did not know where the guns would come from but I started,” he remarked.

Museveni bi being welcomed in Bukedea

Among previously stood on the FDC ticket for the MP seat only to lose to NRM’s Rose Akol.

She would later opt for the Independent ticket after Bukedea’s kingmakers assured her she would not win the MP seat if she insisted on contesting on the FDC ticket.

While Among is a known FDC member, she has in recent years appeared at many functions with President Museveni.


Meanwhile, President Museveni re-echoed the need for the people of Teso to be calculative and participate in wealth generating activities that can increase their household income.

He encouraged them to practice citrus and fish farming activities adding that these are profitable compared to cotton growing.

Regarding the environment, President Museveni informed the rally that it was of important that they reserve the wetlands because they are the source of rain for the country. He explained that the cause of the erratic and delayed rains is because some people in Uganda had settled in the swamps.

“We must stop interfering with God’s work. In the Bible, people thought they were clever and built a tower of Babel to reach the heavens. The tower collapsed and they say that is why we speak different languages. It is not good to pretend to be cleverer than God. When you dry up the wetlands, you remove the water that would have evaporated to create the rain,” he advised.

Earlier, President Museveni officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony for Bukedea Comprehensive Teaching Hospital. He also launched the new ‘Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’ science laboratory and library at Bukedea Comprehensive School.

Museveni in a group photo at new laboratory

The President also met with the LC1 Chairpersons and security officials of Bukedea District at the school and urged them to encourage people in their homesteads to engage in income generating activities that create wealth. He offered Shs.20 million to the Chairpesrons SACCO and encouraged them to use it wisely.

“This is the nucleus of the basket but you must add in the coils yourself because if you have only the core, you don’t have a basket,” he said.

He also launched the new Bukedea R stationadio, Mama Bukedea FM at the same school. 

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