Museveni Accuses Media of Ignoring NRM By-Election Victories

President Yoweri Museveni took a swipe at media organizations in Uganda, accusing them of being biased against the ruling NRM party’s successes.

While citing the recent parliamentary by-elections, of which NRM won the majority, Museveni complained that media houses inducing the government owned New Vision were reluctant to give coverage to the triumphant NRM candidates.

“When the NRM wins the by-elections, the Press, including the New Vision, are not happy,” claimed President Museveni in a July 10th Statement on the By-elections.

“They do not talk about the victories.  It is when the NRM loses that the Press is happy.  The radios, the newspapers devote a lot of space and time.”

Museveni warned that this isn’t a good trend, noting, “The Press should be balanced.  Otherwise, they will become part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

The NRM in the last 7 by-elections won Kamuli Municipality, Kagoma, Moroto District Woman (unopposed), Toroma and Upper Madi-Okolo. The other two contests — Aruu North and Kyadondo East – were won by independents.

Museveni also accused the media of “misleading” the people especially the youths during the by-elections.

He pointed out that after the most recent Kyadondo East By elections, debates on the media focused much attention to the youths involvement in politics, which he says was “defective.”

Museveni’s argues that youths are not better in leadership by the virtual of their young age, but also the ideology they uphold.

“Our esteemed editors and news persons need to know that when we talk about the management of society, we are not talking about biology only but also about ideology,” he said.


Meanwhile, president Museveni was unhappy with the behavior of some of the supporters of especially opposition candidates.

He was particularly dismayed by some of these who heckled him while he was canvassing votes for the NRM candidates.

 “There are some bad practices that I saw in Kamuli and Kyadondo that should not be repeated.  When I was driving to the District headquarters through Kamuli town, I passed through a gathering of Salamu Musumba’s supporters gathered at the round-about in the town, on the two sides of the road, heckling and shouting at me,” he said.

 “I saw the same practice in Kyadondo East at the junction of Zirobwe road.  This is unacceptable.  The supporters of the different parties should go to their rally points and, thereafter, walk home; not assemble anywhere to taunt their opponents.  The Police should not tolerate that.”

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