Museveni 2021 CEC Endorsement Meets Resistance

A vocal National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP has criticized the decision of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) to recommend President Museveni for the 2021 presidential elections, saying the body should have first listened to other presidential hopefuls.

CEC, which has been meeting at Chobe Lodge, Nwoya District, on Tuesday resolved to “emphatically recommend to the membership of the movement and its organs that President Museveni, our leader and General of the African Resistance, continues leading the Movement and the State in 2021 and beyond- as we eliminate the bottlenecks to transformation.”

This means that President Museveni, who is 74 years old, will most likely be endorsed by the NRM National Delegates’ conference as their candidate for the 2021 presidential elections.

Since the age limit was scrapped from the Constitution, Museveni can continue to stand for president till his party decides otherwise.

But the decision has already attracted criticism from an outspoken lawmaker and some opposition activists.

MP Barnabus Tinkasiimire said “CEC has acted outside the party constitution at this stage to endorse Museveni as the flag-bearer for 2021.”

He said CEC is a “party organ that is supposed to receive and vet all applications from interested candidates.  This undermines the core value of NRM party of internal democracy.”

At Chobe, CEC members, according to a media statement issued by the NRM party, “warmly acknowledges and applauds the National Chairperson H.E Yoweri K. Museveni as the theoretician and principal strategist of the Movement in the fundamental liberation struggles and success of our people over the last 50 years.”


Tinkasiimire was the first NRM MP to make his views known about CEC’’s decision.

“I want to condemn this show of ‘cliquesim’ on the side of the CEC and excessive greed for power on Mr Museveni who will have ruled us for 35 years aged 81 years in 2021.”

Tinkasiimire also said the ruling party is in “panic on the side of Museveni seeing People Power becoming more popular countrywide.”


The Party directed the Government to expeditiously study the multiple requirements of operationalizing the Parish Model and proceed with the implementation without delay.

The Parishes will serve as the focal points in the new strategy sought to transform Uganda’s enclave economy.

NRM Spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa was quoted as saying 68 per cent of those who survive on subsistence farming live in the parishes and shifting the transformation focal point to the parishes will help them better to access government programmes.

CEC also directed the Government to significantly recapitalize the Uganda Development Bank in the new Financial year, to enable the bank to play a more vigorous and central role in providing affordable credit for transformative effort.

The re-capitalization of UDB shall include relocating the Agriculture Credit Facility (ACF) at the Bank of Uganda to UDB.

ACF was set up by Government of in partnership with Commercial Banks, Uganda Development Bank Ltd (UDBL), Micro Deposit Taking Institutions (MDIs) and Credit Institutions all referred to as Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs).

The Scheme’s operations started in October 2009, with the aim of facilitating the provision of medium and long term financing to projects engaged in Agriculture and Agro processing, focusing mainly on commercialization and value addition.

Loans under the ACF are disbursed to farmers and agro-processors through the PFIs at more favorable terms than are usually available under conventional loans.

The Party further directed the Government to urgently revisit the legal and administrative regime for environmental conservation, as part of a fundamental push to roll back and mitigate the effects of Climate Change.

Government was also directed to urgently revisit the reform of the Land legal regime, which currently creates unacceptable obstacles to national development.

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