Murder Suspect, Three Others Escape From Police Cells

Police in Kagadi district is investigating an incident in which four hard-core criminals escaped from a police cell.

This unlawful action occurred on Sunday at around 3 am.

According to police sources, the suspects were identified as Allan Mugisa who was charged with murder vide Kagadi CRB 139/18.

Also amongst them was Stephen Sekabija and John Kyeyune both charged with aggravated robbery vide Isunga CRB 60/19  and Muhwezi Rohere who was arrested for stealing cattle vide Ruteete CRR 54/19.

It is said that the suspects dug a hole in the wall of the cell using 6 inch nails and managed their way out.

The area police said that a case has been recorded vide SD 2/2/6/19.

Chimp corps also established that police officers who were on duty have been arrested to aid the investigations.

“Action has been taken against six officers who were on duty. vide SD 4/2/6/19,” said police source.

At the scene of crime, police recovered four nails.

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