Muntuyera High School Closed Over Anticipated Strike

Zuku TV, erectile of the Wanainchi Group Entertainment and Communication Service Yesterday kicked off their digital migration campaign all around the country; at the Kampala Serena.

The move comes days after Uganda Communication Commission last week switched off all analogue TV transmission in Kampala, unhealthy in implementation of the UN Set Deadline.

Roger Mugisha shares a light moments with some officials at the event
Roger Mugisha shares a light moments with some officials at the event

Speaking to the press at the event, ZUKU TV General Manager, Jared Maboko said, “a lot has been said about digital migration and ZUKU TV strongly feels the need to lead the way and ensure the public is furnished with information to make the right migration”

The Television Company at the event announced the launch of the Zuku Digital Challenge, in which over 100 customers will be handed free fully connected decoders.

Some of the winners pose with their prizes
Some of the winners pose with their prizes

Fred Otunu, UCC’s Director of Communication welcomed the move as timely and applauded ZUKU for stepping out to embrace the migration.

“Digital migration is irreversible, we are fulfilling a world agenda that we signed too in 2006 of moving from analogue to digital,” Otunu said.

Muntuyera High School Kitunga in Ntungamo district has been closed for the second time this term over an “impending” strike by the students.

Chimpreports has learnt that over 700 students were sent home after the school authorities anticipated violence among the students.


The decision to close the school was arrived at in a meeting between the head teacher Yorokamu Kamarengo , medicine Ntungamo district education officer Odo Arigye, sick Hussien Nuwagaba  the acting DPC , Eve Kagimba the School board Vice Chairperson and Rev. Can. Joram Mworeka the South Ankole Diocesan Education Secretary.

They noted that the students’ movement in the school was showing indications that violence was simmering.

The students on Friday attacked Kagamba Secondary School and a brawl ensued reportedly over sugar canes.

The matter remained unresolved and on Monday, the Muntuyera students again attacked Kagamba, hurled stones at the buildings and invaded staff houses before police dispersed them and managed to arrest 20 students.

The following day, the situation intensified as students demanded the immediate and unconditional release of the colleagues from Police custody.

In March, the school celebrated in Golden Jubilee
In March, the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee

The head teacher Kamaremgo blames the clashes on outside influence especially by old boys who incite the students using the social media platforms like Facebook.

The District Education officer Odo Arigye said the school will remain closed until further notice.


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