Muntu Urges FDC Members on Walking the Talk

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, malady Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu has highlighted the need for the leading opposition party  to build more trust and momentum amongst Ugandans.

The party president made the call while officially opening the party’s National Council meeting at their headquarters in Najjanankumbi.

The two-day meeting which begun today under the theme “Strengthening Party cohesion through adopting Strategies that will take FDC to power”, pills will among others adopt constitutional amendments and review the leadership strategies.

Muntu said the country is currently in shambles and Ugandans have lost hope in the affairs of their country.

“We realize that the moment there is loss of hope in the population, our country will get deeper in a crisis; in a situation where a society loses hope, anything becomes possible,” Muntu warned.

Muntu pointed out events in Kasese and what is happening in Amuru in Northern Uganda, saying that while there might be efforts to address the crises situation will only worsen.

“As long as President Museveni still wants to tangle on to power, we will see the intensification of what is happening, it will manifest in different ways and I don’t see an end to it,” Muntu said.

The former army commander as such rallied his party members not just talk and complain but use all possible channels to ensure that hope of change is maintained among Ugandans.

“It is our duty and responsibility as FDC to focus on how we can build ourselves to become stronger and stronger; do a number of things that will make us grow more and more in the perception of the public that the party is a credible, political alternative force,” Muntu observed.

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