Muntu Skeptical Over Museveni’s Latest Anti-Corruption Measures

Ex- Forum for Democratic Change president and New Formation leader (FDC) Gregory Mugisha Muntu has today joined other opposition in pouring scorn over the latest anti-corruption measures.

In a post on his twitter handle, Mugisha Muntu pointed out that for graft measures to yield dividends, respective institutions need to be empowered and individualism suppressed.

“Fighting systemic corruption is not a one-man-show. It requires that institutions are empowered to do their job, not undercut by political proclamations. And it starts with an honest audit from the top-down. You cannot give what you don’t have”, he explains.

His criticism is not isolated putting into perspective what other opposition leaders uttered moments before and after President Museveni’s new anti-corruption proclamation.

First was Forum for Democratic Change presidential flag bearer Doctor Kizza Besigye who in a resigned tone expressed doubt over effectiveness of any measures whatsoever on his twitter handle.

“Pronouncements over the last, nearly, 33 years of your Junta have only fueled the corruption! Why would anyone listen to new ones?” he said.

moments before the presidential address, Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu joined the fray accusing the president of fueling corruption through what he termed as “patronage and abuse of public funds” in a long post on Facebook.

“Mr. President, you have no moral authority to say anything about fighting corruption. You are not just part of the problem- you are the biggest stumbling block in any effort to rid this country of corruption, patronage and abuse of public funds,” the post reads.


However these and other comments from the public forum have not augured well with Father Simon Lokodo, the ethics and integrity minister. In an interview with Chimp Reports, Lokodo who also doubles as Dodoth county Member of Parliament poured scorn on sentiments he termed as “opposition talk.”

According to Lokodo, the newly instituted measures shall not only go a long way in capturing graft at all administrative levels but also unearthing any hidden traces of corruption.

“We are not surprised by what the opposition is saying. They usually talk without any incriminating evidence. We are targeting capturing graft at all levels district, county and sub county. The state house committee is going to play an informative role which will help unearth cases that some people have been sitting on,” he said.

Chimp reports understands that  President Yoweri Museveni yesterday while officiating at the closure a weeklong anti-corruption function  instituted a State House anti- corruption unit headed by Edith Nakalema and also hinted at introducing scathing graft measures that include confiscation.

Corruption remains a pervasive enigma despite amorphous graft institutions in place such as the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA) and office of the auditor general among many others.

According to a 2017 survey by Netherlands based Transparency international titled “Corruption Perception Index”, Uganda is ranked as 151 least corrupt nations out of 175 countries.

With an average score of 26, Uganda is the most corrupt country in followed by Kenya and Tanzania at 28 and 36 points respectively.


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