Muntu Parades Former FDC Leaders, Says All Set For Launch Of His Political Party

Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu has said all is set for the launch of his political party come December 25, revealing that many people have already appended their signatures to be members.

Maj Gen Muntu also paraded former FDC leaders Mary Francis Kabateraine (Mbarara Municipality FDC General Secretary), Mr Mweteise Bintabara (FDC Chairman Kiruhura) and Mr Daniel Kafureeka, the FDC General Secretary for Mbarara, saying opposition parties have failed to attract new members because of internal conflicts.

“We have to make ourselves attractive and one of the ways to make ourselves attractive is not to have internal quarrels that are spilling out into public,” Gen. Muntu told a press conference in Mbarara Town on Sunday, alluding to his decision to quit the FDC party.

He added that his new party will do things differently in terms of mobilization, adding that he learnt a lot having served in the ruling NRM party and as FDC party president.

“Our discipline is going to be basically for self-interest because we want to stand, we want to expand, attract good people, money and you cannot achieve that when you are not disciplined,” Gen Muntu said.

“So the things that we are going to be doing are going to be things that we have learnt through the experience we had in FDC. And my hope is that also leaders in FDC have also learnt experiences and therefore they will have to manage things different because I would want to believe that they also want money,” he added.

The one-time army commander added that they are interacting with other parties such as DP, People Power and JEEMA to build strength and be able to capture power.

“Our understanding is that if we can build harmonious relationships amongst the opposition groupings that would be healthy for our politics,” he said.


Ms Kabateraine said New Formation is ready to work with everyone to restore the country’s lost glory.

“What we need is re-position ourselves and make sure that all Ugandans get hope of rebuilding our country. For us as New Formation we are here to offer alternatives through a strategy that can accommodate people with different views which we will harness to bring back the lost glory,” Ms Kabateraine said.


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