Muntu Calls Out ‘Undecided NRM Leaders’ as ANT Launches Office in Bushenyi

Alliance for National Transformation party (ANT) president Gen. Mugisha Muntu has referred a section of leaders from the ruling National Resistance Movement to as ‘cowards’ due to what he termed as their ‘inconsistency in decision making.’

Gen. Muntu noted that even though these leaders (who he didn’t mention by names) want change and know the truth, they have failed to come out and oppose the regime publically.

“On a regular basis, we interact with leaders that are members of NRM, privately. They admit that the path they are leading the country along is wrong and disastrous for our nation. However, they fail to either leave the party or demand for changes they know we all need,” he said.

He said that these leaders are the biggest barrier between the people and the future which people need.

“Through lack of character, courage or both, they prop up the regime they know is up to no good, choosing instead to grab whatever benefits they can on a sinking ship,” he noted.

Gen. Muntu made these remarks during the launch of the ANT offices in Bushenyi district where he was the chief guest.

“The Alliance will continue to do what we must; to educate, encourage and mobilize our people, knowing well that when (not if) we achieve the change we seek, it will be crucial to have in place capable, competent leaders who will do what is right and follow the principles not personalities,” he  stated.

The ceremony was also attended by a section of members of parliament including Winnie Kiiza of Kasese and Gerald Karuhanga.


He added, “As we continue to expand our grassroots presence, it becomes even clearer that Ugandans are ready for the next chapter of our politics.”

Using the same platform, Winnie Kiiza asked the party grassroots leadership in the district to breathe fresh air in the politics of the country by exhibiting value-based politics.

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