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Muntu Blasts Kayihura over Muslim Killings

Inspector of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has come under a bruising attack from the opposition for the indecisive manner in which his force has handled a number of high profile criminal cases lately.

Forum for Democratic Change President Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu expressed discontent Monday morning with the IGP Kayihura for what he termed as Police “unsatisfying modes of conducting investigations” in criminal cases.

Gen Muntu was speaking in line with the recent gruesome murders to two top Muslim clerics in Kampala at the close of last month.

The IGP hastened to attribute the murder of Sheikhs Mustafa Bahiga and Abdu Kadhir Muwaya who were shot dead on December 28, and Christmas day respectively, to the DRC based Allied Democratic Force [ADF] rebels.

Muntu described this as unfortunate and unprofessional: “My advice to the Police Chief is that he should be patient. Every time there’s a crime, I have seen him come out with conclusive statements even before investigations have started. This is unfortunate. Professionally, they should be not be speculating.”

He added, “It is a shame and it undermines the credibility of the Uganda Police Force.”

The FDC president also called for the Police force through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to revisit their budget and allocate more funds to the Criminal Investigations Department.

He counselled that more resources ought to be shifted from the Police’s Crowd Control Department, whose major purpose he said, was to suppress political dissent.

“We, the opposition together with other political players, I am sure, are willing to work with the police so that all those issues which cause disenchantment and frustration can be resolved amicably. There’s nothing that cannot be discussed,” said the former army commander.

President Museveni, however, defended last week, Police’s resource priorities and rapid suppression of opposition uprisings, saying that the unit handling this was different and independent.

“The Anti riot police has nothing to do with the other crimes. In cases like [the Muslim murders] it is the CID and the plain-clothed policemen who are in charge.  The Police force is highly specialized and there’s no way one department can be diverted to assume the roles of another,” he said during a radio talk show on Saturday.

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