Mun G Lands Mega Gig for Gender Based Violence Awareness Campaign

Although issues of gender based violence have existed for a long time in society, the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it all worse with the subsequent lockdown that was effected in March.

Very many people were forced to stay with their close and extended families throughout the lockdown and as a result of frustration, loss of jobs, poverty among many other issues, violence took root in numerous households countrywide.

According to a report released on 6th May, 2020 by the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda, before the lockdown, 46% of women experienced physical violence from their partners but by the end of the first phase of the lockdown, the number had risen to 56%.

It is for that cause that Mun G, together with Code 9 Band, developed a song titled ‘Put Gender Violence on Lockdown’ to create awareness about the rising violence during this pandemic.

The song has been done by 16 Mics in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, United National Development Programme in Uganda and Nile Breweries Uganda.

The song, which is originally in English, is going to be remixed into different Ugandan languages to create awareness about the consequences of gender based violence, projected to cause behavioural change in different communities in Uganda.


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