Muleterwa Appeals on Court Decision over ‘Illegally’ Auctioned Vehicle

The head of Community Policing in Uganda Police Anatoli Muleterwa has expressed interest to appeal against the decision of High Court judge Justice Lydia Mugambe, who ordered him to compensate a sum of 282 million shillings to Adrine Kemirembe, whose stolen vehicle is said to have been sold to his (Muleterwa) wife.

In a notice of appeal filed to High Court Civil Division and Court of Appeal Registry, through his lawyers of Waluuku and Company advocates, Muleterwa expresses his discontent with the ruling.

“Take Notice that Anatolia Muleterwa, the above named 2nd Defendant is dissatisfied with the judgment of Her Lordship Hon Justice Lydia Mugambe of High court of Uganda Kampala vides civil suit no 200 of 2010 intends to appeal against whole judgment to Court of Appeal.”

The lawyers have also written to the Registrar High court seeking to be availed with a certified copy of proceedings for proper preparation of their appeal.

“We humbly pray to be availed with typed copies of judgment, all exhibits and the record of proceedings regarding the matter to enable us advise our client appropriately.”

On Wednesday this week, Justice Mugambe ordered Muleterwa to compensate Adrine Kemirembe for her Nissan Datsun Motor vehicle Registration Number UAE 130H, white in color which was stolen at Makerere University and ended up in his hands through what was referred to as an illegal auctioning process.

In his defense, Muleterwa said that he received a complaint from the custodian about the congestion in the store and the parking yard.

That as a law enforcement officer, he then passed through the setup of legal procedures to have the unclaimed property at Police by then disposed off.


However High court was not convinced with his defense, which resulted into the above ruling.


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