Mukwano Warns Kenyan Ports Authority Against Diverting its Containers

Mukwano Group of Industries (MGI) have warned the Kenyan Ports Authority (KPA) against what they termed as a ‘planned attempt’ of railing their containers from Mombasa port to Naivasha ICD.

Kenya recently issued a directive to have all cargo destined for landlocked countries cleared at Naivasha, saying, it is putting at stake their interests at the Coast.

The Naivasha clearence point has over the years been inactive and Kenya is trying to change that.

But Ugandan businesses including Mukwano are unhappy and feel this might be costly.

In a letter dated June 04, that he addressed to the Managing Director of Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)-Mombasa, Mr Alykhan Karmal, the Managing Director of MGI expressed dismay and called upon the relevant authorities to act before things worsen.

“We have been regular users of the port for the last 35 years and have never experienced such an act. You and your staff are aware of the contractual carriage obligations that exist between the shipper consignee and shipping lines,” reads part of the letter

“If our point of discharge is Mombasa and on carriage is on consignees risk and account, I wonder how you can unilaterally rail our containers to Naivasha, without our consent,” the letter adds.

Mr Karmal warned that if the relevant authorities do not take quick actions, they (MGI) will be forced to seek other means so that they receive justice.


“We are therefore requesting you to observe the above contractual obligations and failure to do so shall leave us with no option but to seek legal recourse and hold you liable for all losses, delays and damage that we may suffer as a result of your act,” Karmal said in the letter.


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