MUKULA: NUP will Stop Existing in Eastern Uganda in 2 Weeks

The National Resistance Movement Vice Chairperson for Eastern region, Capt. George Michael Mukula has said that the National Unity Platform party will cease existing in his political jurisdiction within two weeks.

Mukula, who has for a week been receiving defecting NUP parliamentary candidates and members, said the last date to write off the opposition party, headed by Robert Kyagulanyi, is January 01, 2020.

“By January 1, 2020, NUP shall have ceased to exist in Eastern Uganda,” said Mukula.

Mukula said he received over 300 members of NUP in the border district of Busia on Tuesday.

“A total of 325 NUP members in Busia district and two parliamentary NUP flag bearers for Samia Bugwe North and South have joined NRM and withdrawn from the race leaving NRM flag bearers in the race against NRM leaning independents,” said Mukula.

Also on Tuesday, Mukula welcomed the NUP parliamentary candidate for Kumi county, Twalib Osama, who dropped out of the race and joined the ruling party. On the same day, several FDC members also crossed to NRM and committed to mobilize votes for President Yoweri Museveni.

“I received hundreds of former NUP and FDC leaders in Kumi BOMA grounds who joined NRM to mobilize for President Museveni,” said Mukula.

In Usuk County, Katakwi district, Mukula also claimed to have received a good number of NUP defectors.


“I spent time in Abwaget, Usuk county with Hon. Peter Ogwang, Minister of State for ICT and Katakwi woman MP, Hon. Akurut Katakwi, where I opened the NRM office and received several FDC and NUP supporters who have joined NRM,” said Mukula.

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