Mukula Defends Self Amid Racism Allegations

Captain Mike Mukula the NRM Vice Chairman for Eastern region has dismissed accusations that he made racist remarks against one of the people contesting for his seat.

In his letter dated 7th August 2020, addressed to Dr Tanga Odoi the chairperson of NRM Electoral Commission, Mukula described the allegations as “baseless rumors fabricated to dent his good reputation and public image”

“I have never been racist or sectarian and cannot and have never sunk that low. My actions are always based on mature, levelled and embracive politics which accommodate ideas of the NRM on correct ideological line.”

On 3rd August 2020, Sanjay Tanna, one of the contenders for the Eastern Region seat complained to the party Electoral body claiming that some sectarian messages were made against him by Mukula.

He claimed that Mukula had described him as a foreign, because of his Indian descent.

However, Mukula says that during his ongoing campaigns he has not been going personal but focusing on highlighting the core values of NRM based on steady progress.

“I note that the only candidate in this election who has spoken about race is Hon Sanjay. He should get comfortable and explain to voters what he has to offer if at all he has anything to offer and spend less time talking about his identity.”

The letter is copied to President Yoweri Museveni the party Chairman, First National Chairman, Second National Vice Chairman , CEC members and Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba.



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