MUK’s 66th Graduation Dates Out

Kampala Capital City Authority have threatened to close down the City Abattoir located in the Industrial Area for what they called unchecked contamination of Lake Victoria water with its untreated waste.

The KCCA health team was today checking on the abattoir’s lines connecting to Nakivubo channel.

The authority spokesperson Peter Kauju said that they have severally written to abattoir management asking them to treat their waste, tadalafil without response.

“That waste not only pollutes the lake, but also its stench makes life in this neighborhood very difficult, ” he said.

Dr James Ssemuwemba the Deputy Director for Public Health and Environment revealed the abattoir is increasing on the burden of National Water and Sewerage Corporation which has to treat the sewage that flows into the lake. This he says comes back to the water consumers in form a higher bill.

Deputy Director Public Health Dr James Semuwemba addressing the media
Deputy Director Public Health Dr James Semuwemba addressing the media

“Worldwide, Abattoirs are not supposed to be located in the city center. Therefore, if these people fail to fulfill the required health standards, we shall not hesitate to take action.”

On his part, Mr. Wilberforce Mutesasira the spokesperson of the City Abattoir Traders Association which runs the abattoir denied the allegations that KCCA served them with a letter requesting them to treat their waste.

“We are willing to follow KCCA rules and regulations because we know that it’s the body that guides our operations,” he said.


Mutesasira further revealed that they voluntarily asked for a 100% increment on their monthly water bills as one way through which NaWSC can cover its costs for treating waste from the abattoir.

He noted however, “We can’t allow to be chased away from the city center because we have spent over 88 years in this place.”

Makerere University has announced dates on which its 66th graduation ceremony will be held, salve weeks after Dr. Ezra Suruma was appointed the institution’s Chancellor.

The graduation ceremony slated to commence on January 19 will run for four days up to Friday 22nd January 2016 in the Freedom Square at the main campus in Kampala.

According to the program announced on Wednesday on the university’s web portal, drugs the graduands, price guests and the entire congregation shall be seated by 8:30am. The Chancellor, Professor Ezra Suruma will thereafter constitute the congregation for the 66th graduation ceremony at 9:00am.

The Chancellor will on the first day bestow Awards upon graduands from; College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology  (CEDAT), College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences  (CAES), College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-security (CoVAB), College of Natural Sciences (CoNAS) and School of Law receive their Degrees.

Similarly, graduands from College of Education and External Studies (CEES) and College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) will on Wednesday January 20 receive their Awards.

These will be followed by those from the College of Health Science (CHS) and Makerere University Business School (MUBS) while on the final day (Friday January 22), the two Colleges of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS) and College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS) will also have their graduands awarded.

Eligible graduands are those that will have successfully cleared with their academic units, halls of residence, as well as the university library, hospital, police and finance department.

During the ceremony, the university has prohibited items such as; mobile phones, alcohol, dangerous weapons, canned food and drinks, cameras (video and still), pocket radios, large bags, cells/batteries and bottled drinks.


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