Muhwezi Decries Negative Propaganda in Rukungiri Campaigns; Eulogises Kivejinja

Former Information Minister Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi has asked the ruling NRM party to do more in countering negative propaganda, Chimp Corps report.

Muhwezi, who is contesting for Rujumbura MP seat in Rukungiri, western Uganda, said malicious campaigns waged against the party and its officials risked damaging its reputation.

“NRM must learn how to counter harmful propaganda,” said Muhwezi this Monday morning.

“The lies being peddled must be exposed,” he added.

The remarks come against the backdrop of attacks by Rukungiri District Chairman Charles Andrewson Kateebire.

Kateebire recently accused Muhwezi of influencing the appointment of Dan Kaguta as Rukungiri Resident District Commissioner and protecting wrongdoers in the area.

Kaguta and Kateebire don’t see eye to eye.

Muhwezi, who is the Chairman NRM party in Rukungiri, said he was being targeted by Kateebire simply because he runs the party’s activities in the district.


“Who doesn’t know how much I have sacrificed for the NRM party?” wondered Muhwezi.

“The NRM office is in my building. Radio Rukungiri supports government programmes. I use my own resources to convene meetings to reconcile party members. What has Kateebire ever done for NRM?” wondered Muhwezi.

The former spy chief, who recently organised football matches in over 300 villages, said he would continue mobilizing the youth to engage in sports-related activities and skills development to empower them earn a living.

“This time around,” said Muhwezi, “The people need to be alerted that Rujumbura is voting for a leader who has a plan to ensure delivery of services and transformation of the district.”

Meanwhile, Muhwezi eulogized departed Second Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja as “politically disciplined and principled.”

Kivejinja succumbed to COVID-19 at Mulago National Referral Hospital this past Saturday.

Muhwezi said Kivejinja also was one of the “few surviving politicians who lived and knew the history of both pre and post independent Uganda. It was always a great joy to listen to him explain why the intrigues, cheap, sectarian and unprincipled arguments among leaders brought down political partnerships leading to the country into chaos and misery.”

Muhwezi said it did not take Kivejinja long to “identify the correct political side to belong and he did not give conditions to switch to join progressive political group like the National Resistance Movement at its infancy and where he played a role while in exile in Austria.”

Kivejinja formed a comradeship with John Kakonge, Wadada Musani, Kintu Musoke and Bidandi Ssali to infuse their energies and organize a party linked to the Indian National Congress as a vehicle for independence aspirations.

He was instrumental in the founding of Uganda People’s Congress.

With contradictions in UPC party, he was expelled in 1965 with his colleagues because they advocated for a welfare state and retreated to an underground life at Sapoba Printers.

With the fall of Amin, he re-engaged in active politics as a member of the National Consultative Council and actively participated in the formation of the Uganda Patriotic Movement to contest the 1980 elections. UPM fronted Yoweri Museveni as presidential candidate.

When UPC came to power again in 1980, Kivejinja followed Yoweri Museveni to the bush in 1981 and was active in the organization of the armed movement as a member of the Resistance Council in Luwero triangle and Kampala with others like Eriya Kategaya, Moses Kigongo and Bakulumpagi Wamala.

“The country has lost one of its finest patriotic politician,” said Muhwezi.

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