Muhoozi Kainerugaba Promoted to Lieutenant General

President Yoweri Museveni, who is also Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has promoted his Special Operations adviser, Muhoozi Kainerugaba from the rank of Major General to Lieutenant  General.

The UPDF announced today that the President had promoted a total of 2031 UPDF Soldiers to various ranks.

Muhoozi was in May 2016 promoted to the rank of Major General by the President. At the time he was serving as the Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), an elite unit of the UPDF, charged among others with the security of the president.

A year later, he was named a presidential Special Presidential Advisor in charge of Operations and replaced at the SCF by Brig Don Nabaasa (who has also been promoted to Brig. General)

Meanwhile, in the promotions announced Friday, Lt Gen Ivan Koreta was promoted from Lieutenant General to full General.

Gen Ivan Koreta, who is among the few surviving first NRA trainees in Northern Mozambique, deputized then Chief of Defence Forces Gen Arinda Nyakairima.

A golfer and amiable officer, Koreta was elevated for his unwavering loyalty.

Joram Mugume, another long-serving army officer was also elevated from Lieutenant General to General.


Mugume served as deputy army commander at a time Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu was army commander.

He is a close confidant of President Museveni.

Below is a list of the topmost promotions as put out by the army spokesman Brig Richard Karemire

  1. LT Gen Ivan Koreta — Gen
  2. Lt Gen Joram Mugume — Gen
  3. Maj Gen Pecos Kuteesa – Lt Gen
  4. Maj Gen John Mugume — Lt Gen
  5. Maj Gen Prossy Nalweyiso — Lt Gen
  6. Maj Gen Charles Awany Otema — Lt Gen
  7. Maj Gen James Nakibus Lakara — Lt Gen
  8. Maj Gen Peter Elwelu — Lt Gen
  9. Maj Gen James Mugira — Lt Gen
  10. Maj Gen Joseph B Musanyufu — Lt Gen
  11. Maj Gen Charles Lutaaya — Lt Gen
  12. Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba — Lt Gen
  13. Brig Joram Kakari Tumwine — Maj Gen
  14. Brig Elly Kayanja — Maj Gen
  15. Brig Eric Mukasa — Maj Gen
  16. Brig Burundi K Nyamunywanisa – Maj Gen
  17. Brig Sam Kiwanuka – Maj Gen
  18. Brig Dr Ambrose Musinguzi — Maj Gen
  19. Brig Samuel Kawagga — Maj Gen
  20. Brig Joseph Arocha — Maj Gen
  21. Brig Jon Lorot — Maj Gen
  22. Brig Apolo Kasiita — Maj Gen
  23. Brig Leopold Kayanda — Maj Gen
  24. Brig Jame Birungi — Maj Gen
  25. Brig Don William Nabaasa — Maj General
  26. Brig Stephen Muzeeyi Sabiiti – Maj General
  27. Brig Samuel Wasswa — Maj General
  28. Brig Jim Byarugaba — Maj Gen
  29. Brig Timothy Sabiiti — Maj Gen
  30. Col Moses Lukyamuzi — Brig General
  31. Col John Kaganda — Brig Gen
  32. Col Charlese Tusiime — Brig Gen
  33. Col Fenekansi Mugyenyi — Brig Gen
  34. Col Adolf Serwada — Brig Gen
  35. Col John C Anywar — Brig Gen
  36. Col Jackson Bell — Brig Gen
  37. Col Dr Kenneth Ocen Obwot — Brig Gen
  38. Col Sam Omara — Brig Gen
  39. Col Emmy Mulindwa – Brig Gen
  40. Col Stephen Mugerwa — Brig Gen
  41. Col Johnson Muma — Brig Gen
  42. Col Frank Kyambadde – -Brig Gen
  43. Col Moses Kwikiriza — Brig Gen
  44. Col Ceaser Innocent Bahwezi — Brig Gen
  45. Col William Beinomugisha — Brig Gen
  46. Col James Kaija — Brig Gen
  47. Col Godwin Karugaba — Brig Gen
  48. Col Fred M Karara — Brig Gen
  49. Col Fred Rugadya Akiiki — Brig Gen
  50. Col Bonny Bamwiseki — Brig Gen
  51. Col Ronald S Bigirwa — Brig Gen
  52. Col Joseph Balikudembe — Brig Gen
  53. Col Felix Kulaigye — Brig Gen
  54. Col Wilson Muhabuzi — Brig Gen
  55. Col Dr James Kiyengo — Brig Gen
  56. Col Dr Stephen Kusasira — Brig Gen
  57. Col Bob Paciesky Ogiki — Brig Gen
  58. Col Peter Gaitan Omola – -Brig Gen
  59. Col Julius Biryabarema — Brig Gen
  60. Col Flavia Byekwaso — Brig Gen
  61. Col Dr Shilling E Tibayungwa — Brig Gen
  62. Col Johnson Namanya — Brig Gen
  63. Col Dr Patrick Ogwok Ogen — Brig Gen
  64. Col Daniel Mugumya Kakono — Brig Gen
  65. Col Godfrey Mujuni – Brig Gen


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