Muhakanizi Slams MPs Over Budget Deficit

Keith Muhakanizi the Permanent Secretary / secretary to the treasury (PSSST) has chastised legislators for negatively impacting on the budget performance through the creation of new administrative units.

He made these remarks while giving an overview on the performance of the budget during an interface with the finance committee of parliament.

Speaking on Thursday, Muhakanizi explained that whereas he has tried his best to contain the issue of domestic arrears through timely payment of salaries, the wage burden had drastically risen to about 33% as a consequence.

It is on this ground that he disclosed that a number of districts, sub-counties and councilors were in the process of dragging government to court over these same matters.

“You have over 700 new structures you have created all of them unfunded. And probably those people have a legal right; you see you people when we tell you don’t think we are mad,” Muhakanizi pointed out.

This he added had not been helped by Presidency, cabinet and parliament that he said has in the past disregarded his advice only to whine when the going gets tough.

“In my certificate I say there is no money, do you respect it? Do you want me to pull out my letters? How can I manage when powerful people are not respecting my advice and then it becomes law?” Muhakanizi added

On Wednesday, state minister for finance David Bahati put the 2019/2020 budgetary deficit at over 600 billion shillings.



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